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All this and she approves of my FPMBF? What a pal!

So it's either today, Friday, or next week, but anyway, let's all wish Akshaye, shall we?

thither lies someone else's review of Chokher Bali

And he does his little turn on the catwalk...




Akshaye v. Shashi, round 1: Shashi

Whoever said German wasn't a romantic language?

happy birthday Rani Mukerji

happy birthday Shashi Kapoor

a little gutsy: Doosra Aadmi

"Aaya India"

Pip pip for Paint It Pink!

I went to Vienna for the Pan-European International Bollywood Blogger Meeting and all I got was a bunch of superwow friends

meetup day, part 4

meetup day, part 3

meetup day, part 2

meetup day, part 1

give me your Bachchans, your Khans, your huddled masses yearning to make jokes about Johnny Lever

ein bißchen zusammen

Now that's a good cup of tea!

update from Vienna

it's in the bag