give me your Bachchans, your Khans, your huddled masses yearning to make jokes about Johnny Lever

Alright, North Americans, and anyone else who wants to: we officially have to have a Bollwood blog writers/readers meetup. Soon. I don't care where, although preferably someplace like Chicago or New York or London that can be relied on to have several screens of Hindi films to watch. I only ask that it be primarily in English, because these Deutsch-wallahs are clearly having a grand old time and I can only understand bits of it. (Think about it. How fantastic would an English-language meetup be? I mean, it's the language of the Hindi film industry and often the lingua franca of India as a whole. It's the language of London, which everyone says is the best place outside of Mumbai for Bolly happenings. It's the language of the random ridiculous expressions in the movies.) Okay, yeah, so what I really want is a meetup that does not make me wish I could ask everyone to submit their witty comments in writing and accompanied by a dictionary (Wörterbuch - that one I know) and that is likely to be attended by the people I know via the websites that I read and participate in.

Right. Time for sleep. I have a lot of attentive listening to do tomorrow. Also, Michael and I have been nominated to dance along to "Gori Gori" during the showing of Main Hoon Na. I pity his knees.


Anonymous said…
great idea. lets do it :D
Anonymous said…
Gore gore, huh! Wow, it's been sooo long since I danced to that song. It's a great one! Have fun!
Ashley said…
I am interested!
Anonymous said…
If I'm in America, or someplace where I can get to wherever the meeting is, I'd totally be up for that!

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