because guests are as gods

Hey, everyone - hi. This is Beth. I am absolutely fascinated with the question of who is reading this, and my curiosity is further piqued by the growth of the happy little dots on my ClustrMap. Either there is some creative ISPing going on here, or I see people visiting from India, Singapore, Mauritius, South Africa, Europe, South America, Canada, and the US. (Special shout-out to Canada! I'm an honourary Canadian! I love you guys!) Anyway, hello to you all! I don't like how most guestbook thingies on websites seem to work, so instead I invite everyone who stops by to leave a little comment on this post (this will also be linked from the nav bar) and say hi and share why you like or are interested in Bollywood - and what brought you here. Thanks! And don't forget to have a snack before you go - they're on the table over there. Punch, too.


Anonymous said…
Hi. :) I'm Rachel, from Nova Scotia.

I started watching Bollywood-news TV years ago for the music (& jewelry/clothes commercials I admit) and over a year ago I found out some new family friends had some Bollywood, and I have watched happily ever after since then. I think I got here from "Beliefs, Blackness, and Bollywood".
Angie said…
Thought I'd come by your place and say hi. Thanks for the snacks, btw.

Angie, a fellow Bolly addict.
Anonymous said…
no free coffee? *grummel ;)
greetings from germany :)

t-HYPE said…
Beth you're so cute! I think your blog is listed on Bollywhat? If that's not how I found you, it's because I did a blogsearch for Bollywood and well, your site name says it all!

To everyone else, come visit me at Beliefs, Blackness & Bollywood. I can only hope to aspire to Beth's Bollywood greatness!
Kaps said…
I happened to listen to the podcast by Kamla Bhatt and decided to visit your blog to find out about your fascination for Bollywood.
Ahh Beth! The perfect hostess. You seem to have a fan following now. Excellent! The podcast was great.I listened to it till the last. Sorry I have been rather neck deep in work. I will come by more often soon! Take care!
Michael, never fear, there is always coffee at Beth Loves Bollywood!
Anonymous said…
o.k. then, beth, that makes the difference between a great blog and a perfect one :D

thanks a lot
And there would be even better coffee if I could figure out how to work my espresso machine!
Raja Pakistani said…
Hey Beth, my name is Farooq :-). I searched "Bollywood" in the NavBar and your blog came up. Pretty nice blog you have here...I'm a big Bolly fan too, not as much as I used to be though. Curious, who are your top two favorite actors and actresses? And who is your favorite Bolly couple? :-)
Hmmm, favorites. Rani Mukherji and Sharmila Tagore. Saif Ali Khan and Aamir Khan. (But also SRK and Akshaye Khanna. It's so hard to choose.) And jodi...hmmm.... I like Rani with anyone. I'm not sure I've seen enough repeats of pairs to have a strong opinion here, actually. How 'bout you?
Anonymous said…
I am Paresh from India and I am a fan of bollywood movies too.
Got to this blog by searching for something I don't remember now ;-)
Raja Pakistani said…
I think my favorite current actor is Amir Khan. Actresswise, Aish. No doubt about it. :-)

However, the greatest Bolly couple ever (in my lifetime at least) has to be SRK and Kajol. Definitely. :-)
Anonymous said…
Hello, from Buffalo, NY. I found this site after downloading a podcast fromt Talk News India. I listened to your interview. The enthusiasm I heard in your voice describes how I have come to feel about Bollywood. A friend from Pakistan introduced me to Bollywood a couple of months ago, and I have been addicted ever since. After viewing Diwale Dulhania Le Jayange for the fifth time I realized I am in love with Shah Rukh Khan! I have been on the internet trying to purchase everything and anything with his name on it.
Nanette said…
Hi, Beth! I think we were in a class or two together back at GSLIS. Collection Development, perhaps?

Anyhow, this is Nanette, a fellow Chambana Bollywood addict. I remembered your blog today because I'm cataloging the beginning (hopefully, it's just the beginning) of the Champaign Public Library's new BOLLYWOOD COLLECTION! Our director went to a presentation about Bollywood and Indian pop culture at PLA, and she came back with a list of 30 movies that we just purchased for the library. While my viewing has not been quite as prodigious as yours (79 movies? yikes!) I've seen more than a few three-hour epics. If you ever need a movie-watching partner or two, my husband and I are generally up for a movie.
t! said…
Hi Beth! I found you after searching for Bollywood. I fell in love after seeing Dil Chata Hai on TMC a few years back, and now am obsessed. I would change my blog to post about this obsession, but you do it too well!

I am from Orange County, CA, and am blessesd with theaters where we can watch movies instead of waiting for the videos....
alienvoord said…
I'm in Toronto. I enjoy the films. I've been to India a few times.
Cloudy said…
Came over from Obi's... Enjoy your writing more than I do Bollywood, I'm afraid :-)
babasko said…
hi, I´m babasko from Vienna, Austria.
I also came here through listening to the Podcast :-)
After having the odd brush with indian movies over the years I started to get addicted after German television played K3G and Kal Ho Naa Ho last year. And since I am pretty obsessive with new stuff I watched about 150 Films since.
Anonymous said…
Hi Beth,

I've been watching for about 10 years, started with Hindi movies and also dabble in some Tamil (or Thamizh, as our hardcore Dravidian friends might write it).

I've also watched quite a lot of "alternative" cinema too, and one too many dreadful ABCD movies (oh the horror, never again).

Studied Hindi and Tamil in the past, the former definitely much easier.

This summer I'm going to hopscotch around the history of mainstream Hindi movies and become more familar with the classics and popular titles that have endured through the decades, and am keeping a running set of reviews at my blog, I'll also be injecting reviews of the big summer releases, like Fanaa and KANK.

By the way, have you seen Dholi Saja ke Rakhna, starring your fave Akshaye and southern actress Jyotika? It's from about 6 years ago. Not the greatest movie ever, but a lot of pretty locales in Greece.
Lidia said…
Hey Beth!
I'm Amy from Australia and I love your blog, it's awesome..i especially love the banners up the top, pretty cool. I love Bollywood but I love India even more!! I've had an obsession with India since I was a little girl and I love watching Bollywood movies because some of them do pretty good portrayals of Indian culture! I love Lagaan, that was probably the first one i watched..and it's probably my favourite still. I love Rani Mukherjee (she's beautiful), Aamir Khan (he's also beautiful), Aishwarya (who doesn't love Aishwarya?) and Kajol ( she just seems like a lovely person!) I want to go to India so bad!
Anonymous said…
Hi Beth,
I'm Lisa, from Berlin, Germany. I haven't watched bollywood for such a long time - yet ;-)
I really enjoy your writing about (bollywood) films, oh and the banners! Wish you a great time in India, and please write about it!
Hi new friends! Thank you so much for your lovely comments - and for reading! I hope I can still update with any in-cinema adventures I have this summer! I vow to do everything possible to see Krrish.
Movie Mazaa said…
Hi Beth...

I shud say u have got a great blog, though I am sure u must have been told this umpteen times already!

I am from India, and do visit me at

Hope u have loads of fun in India!
Anonymous said…
Hi, I'm Cathy in Los Angeles. I think I found you via a link from Army of Monkeys, which I found because I'm obsessed with Bollywood.

I enjoy your reviews (and I agree that Asoka was SMOKING hot, whew!).
Hello there!

I found your blog through that rather odd circumstance of scrolling through a friend's blog, finding a link to another blog, which takes you to many other anyway! End result being this - I LOVE Bollywood movies, and always like finding other people who do. The thing with any art form is that its often how other people view the same presentation that makes it interesting - so its always good to figure out what other people are saying about Bollywood. (That sentence was way too self reflexive, but whatever!)

Keep blogging - I know I'll be coming back for more. By the way - LOVE the banners.
Sheetal said…
Hi Beth,

I'm Sheetal Makhan from South Africa. I have just stumbled across your blog and found it quite fascinating :) I, too am an avid Bollywood fan and have a few posts on my blog relating to random topics - more to come on Bollywodo soon, visit me when you can :)

Your friend in Bollywood and Blogging,
Anonymous said…
Great work on the site, banners.. I notice that American women can relate to bollywood a lot easier than the men.. explanations? My wife and daughters (we are Indian) are into BWood in a big way.. You should check out some of the oldies from the 70s.

All the best..
Hello most recent anonymous! Thank you so much! I think that's a really interesting question about Americans and their ability to relate. I know about an even split of men and women who like Bollywood, which, now that you mention it, surprises me. But I would have to say that the American men I know who are big Bollywood fans are much more comfortable with their own emotions - and talking about them - than the average American guy. Of course, the ones I know are also more highly educated than average and pretty clearly enjoy communicating in general, so I don't know how representative that is. Good question!
Anonymous said…
hola, am a fellow bollywood fan (and an indian to boot), and a recent convert to the bollywood enthusiasts club.

hope to be a regular visitor to your blog.

I registered but for some reason my username nirvana_bliss is not recognized when i am trying to add a comment.......
Anonymous said…
Hi Beth. That punch is awesome...will be dropping in for more ;-) Came here through ultrabrown I think, its all hazy now... Am a huge Shah Rukh air conditioner (he is that hot hehe) love to read your reviews of the movies...has helped me look at Bollywood from a totally new angle. All the best. And hope you had a fun time in India...
Sharon said…
Hi Beth - Sharon here.

Love your blog. Before I got here (through a process of circuitous linking that I can no longer remember) I had no idea Bollywood had such an international fandom!

Keep writing - it's funny, insightful and eminently relatable.
DC said…
Hi! I'm DC, from Houston, Texas USA.
I have just recently gotten into Bollywood films, and I am slowly falling in love with all things Indian: the culture, the food, the beautiful women! Will be back to visit often.
ggop said…
Hi there,
I'm GG. I'm amazed to come across people who didn't grow up with Bollywood and can drive to see these movies :-)
Susania said…
Aaaah, Beth... finally, another gora who properly appreciates Akshaye Khanna! He was my first... Bollywood movie. Mohabbat, with Madhuri Dixit -- so bad, it's good. But my word, that smile of his! I assume you've also seen Doli Saja Ke Rakhna?

BTW, T-Hype sent me your way...
Anonymous said…
Hi Beth, my name is Stella and as I said before on one of your posts, I am the biggest Bollywood fan from Africa- well maybe I'm exaggerating. Anyway I live in Texas and I love it and hate it at the same time.
Susania - Akshaye makes an excellent first, I imagine, although mine was Hrithik - not too shabby either, of course. And yes yes, the smile smile. Oooof. I haven't seen Doli Saja Ke Rakhna but I believe my local Indian groceory store has it, so it's on the list! Plus I saw a few stills from it recently and...well, I have to see it, let's just say that.

And you will probaly be amused to know that in a market in Delhi this summer, after failing to get me to turn to his stall with cries of "madam, madam, you will look? you will buy?", a shopkeeper said something about "gora" under his breath and I whipped around. I think I surprised him a little, but he was quick with more lines.

Stella - Helloooo and it's nice to meet you!
SPM said…
Hi Beth,
Nice to see your blog.
I am also very fond of Bollywood. I see lots of Bollywood films.

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- Sanjay
Anonymous said…
Hi Beth! I'm Emily, from the lovely yet oh-so-boring land of Kansas in the USA. :P I happened upon a link to your blog on Bollywhat...I think. (I've been lurking for awhile, so I can't really remember exactly how I found you.) Anyway, I've been a huge Bollywood fan since I saw Dil Chahta Hai last summer and fell in love with Akshaye Khanna (though I've since discovered Shah Rukh Khan and forgotten about Akshaye, until I saw 36 China Town the other night). Well, I'll stop rambling now. See you around. :)
Anonymous said…
Hey Beth! Aloha from Hawaii. Found your blog recently and have been really enjoying it. Liked what you had to say about "Khushi", saw it and liked it! Thanks! The story of how I fell in love with Bollywood is a bit long, but if you'd like, you can find out on my blog:

Keep up the good work!
Anonymous said…
Aloha Beth! Thanks for checking out my blog and leaving your comments. I chuckled when you wrote "Resistance is Futile" because I've actually been working on a post by that title! You're so good!

Take care, B
Alan said…
Hi Beth, I've enjoyed reading through your blog. I'm from around Seattle and have been a Bollywood fanatic for several years now. I started a Bollywood blog a few days ago in addition to my regular blog.
Anonymous said…
Hi, Beth. I'm a bollywood fanatic and have visited this blog once, a long time ago.. and my, how you've grown! I live in Lagos, Nigeria and I'm a lawyer (apologies to anyone who doesn't like lawyers). I like law but I do envy you the honour of being a librarian, I've always wanted to work in a library (or bookstore). Anyway, I like your stuff and will definitely be a regular visitor... don't stop blogging (and hooking up Bollywood fans from all over the world). My Bollywood-related blog is at And no, it's NOT just about Dharmendra!!
Anonymous said…
Hi Beth:

I too love Bollywood movies! I rent DVD's from the local Indian food store and now get Zee TV so I can watch the old movies late at night (on weekends). Found your blog on Talk News India, finally some people to "share the joy" with (my friends don't undstand the appeal of Bollywood)
Alan said…
Hi Beth, Just noticed your guest book, so thought I would sign in. I know you've stopped by Bellevue TO Bollywood, which is presently documenting my Hindi movie experiences. I to am very curious about who is reading mine. From the sitemeter I see lurkers who stay for several minutes. It's nice to know it holds their attention, but a Namaste or two would be nice. I enjoy yours and especially the new Bollywood Fugly. I just gave it a link. - Alan.
Unknown said…
Hi Beth,

I always thought Bollywood had to be experienced and couldn't possibly be written about. But you keep proving me wrong and I enjoy reading about it.

Anonymous said…
Fantastic blog! I can't stop laughing while reading your wonderful posts. Rock on!

carla (
Anonymous said…
Hi Beth

Great blog. I read an article by Filmiholic in rediff and it opened this wonderful world to me. I am from India and though I am not a regular movie goer, I am curious to know other's take on Bollywood.

Btw, I love museums too.
Anonymous said…
hey beth love your blog and i seriously love bollywood hahahah check out my blog please i just started it!! thanks
Bridget said…
Hi Beth! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

My schtick with Bollywood is...

I am a political consultant. I also blog on my site as well as several other political blog sites. In order to inject some humor into the mix and shake things up a bit, I started doing "Bollywood Fridays" for which I pick an extra special Bollywood clip every week.

Worked like a charm ;). Political operatives can be so stuffy. It had to be done!
The Exinator said…
Good or Bad... its ours. Bollywood Zindabad!
Delirious said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Delirious said…
Hi Beth

I was looking for some light reading..........and i found your blog... its a funny take on bollywood...and an intelligent one!

the bollywood ishtyle shows !!

I am a poet at heart, an engineer by education and an Instructional Designer by choice.

I am a voracious reader and i do love to pen down my musings.....some on my blogs and others in my diary..(the rustle of pen on paper still evokes feelings thats the keyboard can't !)
Anonymous said…
Hi Beth

Greetings from Down Under

Your blog is very interesting.

I would recommend some good regional Indian movies apart from the interesting bollywood ones you have been watching.

For a start, please see the telugu movie "Anand" if you can find it in your local indian DVD store. It has english subtitles.

happy new year 2007
Anonymous said…

I am a huge Bollywood fan, and really like reading your blog. Keep the laughs coming!
Ashley said…
My name is Ashley and I am a Bollyholic. The guys at Rhythm House in the Fort area of Mumbai can attest to my Bollywood film shopping habits.

I probably watched 8 to 10 Bollywood films in 2006, so I have watched around 60 films to date:
Hey, I'm Angela and I too love Bollywood and have recently started my own bollywood blog, it's really a lot of fun but I agree with you Beth it takes up a lot of my non-work time. Here's the URL:
Corny name said…
Hello zeeeba neghbaa!
I'm Diabl020 from Mumbai!

I used to hate bollywood growing up here (it wasn't cool to say you liked hindi movies back then... Peer pressure )
but I realise how much I'm part of the craziness that is bollywood, whether I like it or not. Living in Mumbai, you breathe it in everyday... you can't escape it if you try..

Emily said…
Hi Beth! I love your blog so much that inspired me to get my own. You're like my non-Indian-Bollywood-fan hero(ine)! Akshaye Khanna is awesome, hai na? See you around!
Anonymous said…
Beth - I'm so glad I found your site. I'm currently in NYC, lived in Chicago before that, grew up in the Metro Detroit area. Have lived and breathed Bollywood my whole life ... love it to death with all it's cheesiness. Don't understand where my background dancers are, or why I can't walk in a room in slow motion for the benefit of all male admirers. Have a white sari ready for a rainy day. My golden faves: late 70s and 80s Amitabh and Rishi Kapoor, Sridevi, Rekha, Sachin (Sunny from Satte Pe Satta), Madhuri. Current faves: Abhishek & Ash, of course. Also love Preity & Rani flicks. Much respect for SRK, despite the see-through shirts. Southern flavor: love Vikram, Madhavan, Surya, Jyothika, Simran, Trisha and Asin. Shame-faced past: Once had Salman plastered all over my walls. I was fourteen, ok??? By the way, I am a reigning Antakshari champion.
Blue said…
Hi, this is Blue... you stopped by my site earlier and I am returning the favor... very fun and I liked the reviews. Felt exactly the same about K3G -- what? the hype? My least favorite of the K-Jo quartet (yes, I count KHNH).

I'll poke around again later!
Anonymous said…

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Anonymous said…
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Pumba said…
Hey Beth,

Just wanted to let you know i love your blog. I grew up watching bollywood movies, that's how i learnt Hindi.

Looking forward to reading future blogspots!
Anonymous said…
¡Hola Beth! ¿Cómo estás? I love your blog!!! I am from Spain but I am currently living in the US. I am a huge fan of bollywood and above all, SRK. Keep writing!
Anonymous said…
Hi Beth!

Oh my goodness, thanks so much for leaving some comments on my new site! I was really excited. I think you're the first actually. I just started it for real a few days ago. I'm so ecstatic to have a place to put my thoughts about Bollywood and I am honored that you came and visited. I started watching Bollywood around the same time you did in 2004. I've seen so many movies since them and I always need to talk about them because I have so many thoughts in my head. I feel so silly that the idea of a blog didn't occur to me until a couple of months ago.

So I searched for Bollywood blogs, which is how I found you, and my first thought when I started reading BLB was, "Oh my goodness, this woman is a kindred spirit. She even works for a museum," which is totally a field I want to go into (I just graduated from college last May, so I'm still in that Oh-shit-what-am-I-going-to-do-with-my -life stage). So that's my really long way of saying, I agree, we totally need to be friends.

I'm originally from Phoenix, I went to College in Grinnell, Iowa, and I'm currently living half-way around the world in Macau (think Las Vegas, only next door to Hong Kong and without anything fun to do besides gamble). Thankfully, Hong Kong is full of Indian immigrants and I can easily get plenty of Bollywood movies, sometimes before they're even out in theatres. I'll be moving on in June, but goodness knows where. Maybe India!

As for a FPMBF, I don't know. Shahrukh and I were married for a while, but then I found out he had other girls on the side and that I would have to share him. Even so, he's the love of my life, but I think we've grown apart. We see each other occasionally still. After that Aamir Khan and I flirted for a while, except for then he wore one too many scarves and so now I just don't think that's going to work out. John, though...John's been slowly seeping into my affections with roses, puppy-dog eyes and grand gestures of love like romantic musical numbers with just enough nudity to be suggestive. He might be The One, even if he has cut his hair. I'm mad about that, but it will grow back. Yeah, I think I could settle down with John. I'll claim him.

Oh man, I'm crazy. So nice to have a space where I can be Bollywood crazy. I promise I'm not that crazy in real life.

Hm, that whole thing was more of an email than a comment, but it will go up here anyway, because I don't know what your email is.

I hope I'll be seeing you around!

Sophie aka Miss Bolly
Anonymous said…
hey beth, just wanted to say hello and tell you how much i heart your blog! next time i'm in chambana, we'll have to watch a movie together and crush over Akshaye:)
I'm so behind on saying hi to the new visitors! So hi new visitors! Thank you so much for stopping by and for your lovely comments too. Payal, I think you may be the first person to tell me you heart the blog, and I appreciate it! I think the last time I was inspired to say "heart" was for Hum Tum - so thanks! :) And yes do let me know when you're next in fantabulous Chambana. Salaam-e-Ishq never came here, so to get our Recommended Akshaye Allowance we'll have to rent our favorites. Or just watch DCH over and over and over....
yves said…
Hi Beth,

I'm a newbie on your blog, but I've been looking for people to talk to about my interest in Bollywood music, films & trivia, so I'll be back!
Yves (from France)

PS: my (little) blog, for those who like to "think" about some aspects of Bollywood:
Anonymous said…
Good stuff Beth.

And I love Bollywood too. :)
mayank said…
hey beth this is mayank again from agra!!
i liked all of ur posts abt bollywood!
as ma mothertongue is hindi so it was natural for me watching hindi films!
well am a complete movie freak!!
i watched lot of hollywood movies!!
do you watch old black and white movies!
i luv those black and white marvels of dev anand!!his last gud movie was jewel thief!!
have un seen guide ??
solva saal?
teen devian?
these are some of his very gud movies !!
ok see you !!
Anonymous said…
Hi Beth,

I stumbled upon your blog, and I must say "you have a great blog"

If you don't mind post links to your article on my site

Hi Sakshi, Mayank, and bestofindya - and thanks! And Mayank, Jewel Thief most definitely rates in my favorite Hindi films - it's fantastic!
mayank said…
hey have you seen guide ??
its his best movie !!
based on R K Narayan's novel
well i will suggest you to see that !!
hehe its a nice movie!!
Sandi said…
Hi Beth,

I've been staying up into the wee hours and neglecting my family for the past 2 weeks so that I could read your blog and follow the links. I'm from East Texas, Longview, to be exact, and while some of my friends are familiar with Bollywood, I am the only person I know personally who is obsessed with the subject. Thanks for all the work you put into this project.
S said…
Hi,Beth.I am a great lover of bollywood and love to write about it.You all can check my blog about bollywood.I belive bollywood will one day takeover hollywood,because it has so much variety to offer.
Sharique Niazi
Hi Sharik and Sandi! Sharik, I'm all for the avancement of Bollywood, but I'd miss Hollywood if it disappeared. Viva variety! Sandi, that is probably the nicest compliment I've ever had. Clearly, we must be friends.
hi beth, came here from batul's blog (banno) and am most cheered by your fab pink blog and it's fundastic banners :) since you're such an abhi-ash fan, you'd probably like to hear about a little literary-graphical dalliance his dad had! more here
though i must tell you that many, many of us (excluding my husbnd amit) feel a profound DISlike for the bachhans these days, and as our rallying point, we have the southie super-annuated-hottie rajnikant! keep up the fun work :)
c said…
Ok who let beth in?

Someone check her card.Where's the bouncer?

Hey! Nice blog you have here. Keep up the good work
Hi recent droppers-by! Thanks for the comments! MM, I v much enjoy the title of your site.
*~mad munky~* said…
hello *waves*

i came across your blog via a link on aspi's page (i'm able to vent about my obsession with all things indian idol on there!)

i'm of indian descent but born/live in the UK, and have watched bolly for as long as i can remember... as a child, i recall wanting to grow up to be amitabh bachan. being female, and only able to reach a max height of 5ft5, it was an impossible dream *sigh* :o(
Hi Mad Munky! (Oh look, another MM!) Aspi's is certainly the place for Indian Idol! I can only skim those posts because I know nothing about the show :) And I think you should form a club of people who have had the sad realization that they will never be Amitabh Bachchan - surely there are millions!
Chandni said…

"tera mujh se hai pehle ka naataa koii/ yun hu nahi dil lubhaataa koii."

:) I am a Bollywood script writer. And I was googling the words " Zaalim Zamaana", thats when I stumbled upon your blog.

Moment of technologically enabled serendipity.

Keep at it.
ishita - thank you! I have no idea what you said in Hindi but maybe after several more months of Hindi lessons I can figure it out :)
Gazelle said…
Hi Beth, I watch Indian movies, Bollywood, Kollywood, Tollywood, Sandalwood ...( well, those are regional Indian movies for you..:)), and love reading your posts.

Keep up the good work.
Steven Baker said…
Hello Beth,

My name is Steven Baker. I'm a UK writer living in India. A lot of my work is connected to Bollywood and Indian Cinema. I came across your site, whilst researching material for an interview on the new SRK book. I think we may have both interviewed Anu?

With warm regards,

Steven - it's an honor to have you stop by! I've read your work! I'm not sure the email chat I had with Anupama Chopra counts as an interview, exactly, but yes, I had the chance to pose a few questions to her about her new book - and enjoyed the experience immensely, as you can imagine.

Gazelle - thank you! If you have any recommendations for me, please let me know - I know next to nothing about any of the other movie industries in India.
small squirrel said…
yello! love your blog... found it thru DC where I also write... your writing style is faboo and, well, you said in your profile that you like neil finn, so you have to be cool (I lurve him like you apparently lurve SRK). And I live in India!

you can find my newest blog here on blogspot... firangsquirrel... ciao!
1234 said…
I'm sorry but i have no idea how i acme across your blog, this is not the first time i have visited. I first came across bollywood more than 1 and a half years ago by accident, when i flicked the channel over and began watching Kuch Naa Kaho, on a rarely watched channel. It's been a rough ride since then, but iv'e pushed through it :). I LOVE BOLLYWOOD!
1234 said…
By the way i'm from Australia.
Aramita: said…
Hi Beth,

I'm Aramita, from the UAE.

Big Bollywood fan. Love watching SRK movies the most. Doesn't mean I don't watch other Hindi films.

I have just opened up a blog on Bollywood too, as I love reading and writing reviews.

Suresh said…
Hi Beth,
I accidentally ran into your blog. It is really cool and refreshing. I loveeeeeee it. I am going to visit u often.
Incidentally, I along with a friend have started, a 24/7 destination for Bollyood music, videos and news. Please check it out.
I am thinking of adding your blog in our site.
All the best and keep writing,
Anonymous said…
Hi Beth,

You've got a good little site here & seems like quite a following too. Being a fellow Bollywood fan, I've added you to my feed reader. I'll be watching you ... :)

I'd say the top actors for me are SRK, Ajay Devgan and Akshaye Khanna.

Oh BTW, I think you're probably losing some potential comments based on the fact that you aren't allowing anonymous comments. Just a thought.

Adios for now ..
small squirrel - I recognize you from DC too! Thanks from coming by and the lovely comments!

Roxy123 - I hope you're still watching!

Aramita - What's your blog? I'd love to take a look.

Suresh - Thanks!

Ramchandra - Thank you! It's always great to meet another Akshaye fan. I've just seen Race today and thought he did a fair job, though the movie as a whole was disappointing. As for the anonymous comments, I'm sure you're right, and I regret that effect of the login requirements. But it's also cut down on a lot of the spam, commercial, and personal attack-like comments, so overall it has been worth it. I hope the different types of IDs that Blogger takes now have made it a little less painful.
Never Mind!! said…
Hey Beth,
I am Never Mind writing in from the US. I cam here from Aspi's. I grew up watching Bollywood and that explains my fascination. Now I have a quick question for you. Did you stalk me back to my blog? Because when you left a comment, I was actually here. Anyway, thanks for stopping by. I am super curious as to how you got interested in Bollywood. Looooove your blog especially the banner.
Never Mind! - That's too funny! I found you via...oh, via my Google news alert for Shashi Kapoor :) But I'm a huge fan of Aspi's as well, both in print and in real life. Thanks for your kind comments - I look forward to catching up with your site too.

As for how I got into Bollywood, basically I got intrigued to learn about Indian movies before I saw Bend It Like Beckham, because on that movie's website there was a page where the director talked about the Indian film conventions she was using and/or winking at. I thought they sounded really interesting, so I went to my local independent video store, which has tones of international films, and chose something at random. And as soon as it was over, I thought "Where has this been all my life?!?" and was hooked :)
Bollyviewer said…
Hi Beth,

I have been a regular visitor of your blog ever since I discovered it a couple of months ago and absolutely love it. Have spent hours lurking around your blog but never realised there was a guest book till now! Guess you should have advertised the coffee more - the aroma would have drawn me here!

I came across your blog while looking for Shashi Kapoor movies online and stayed to read and read and read.... Speaking of our mutual favorite, I am planning to review some of his movies on my blog. The first of those reviews is up now.

Everyone, do check out my blog Old is Gold for reviews of my favorite old movies.
Admin said…
hey beth, just came across your blog. its very nice and i wud love to read the posts.
btw, m also looking for link exchange. this is my blog, have a look at it and reply me for the same at
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Anonymous said…
Hey Beth,

I have been a silent reader of sorts on your blog for the last few months.
I can't remember how I got here, but here I am.

As I can see your an avid follower of Bollywood cinema and all that glamour, and your post on JBJ is one I still love reading. I come from the home of Bollywood, Bombay but I am in the U.S. currently to study.
Bollyviewer - I think you're right about the coffee. If only there a button to click to get an actual latte. (Not that I'm addicted or anything.) I love your site and can't wait to get to the movies you talk about. My access locally to older films is not great, so I think my nehaflix shopping cart will start filling up soon....

Admin - Thanks for your comment! I don't do the free download thing, though. I want the creative people to get their money so they'll keep doing their thing.

ajit - I've been reading your site too! Nice to meet you. Thanks for the kind words. I think JBJ will have to be added to my collection very soon - so many good moments in it!
FilmiDiva said…
This feels like deja vu. I have actually been on some of the sites that I am reading about here an hour or so ago. I knew I'd find Bollywood lovers here :)
I have to do a very obvious plug here but for all you Bollywood lovers there's a newbie site that shows free movies, free TV and trailers of upcoming movies and oh, also interviews and celebrity gossip.
Hi Beth,
I am Aditya, from Hyderabad, India, and I am a regular Bollywood buff, though I hate to call it Bollywood. And yes I really like the movies churned out in their hundreds from Mumbai during the seventies. I am a big fan of Amitabh Bachchan, in the present generation of stars, I like Aamir Khan. Shashi Kapoor is also one of my favourites.
I stumbled across your blog by accident and a very interesting blog you have.
FilmiDiva - fun user name!

Aditya - Indeed, the 70s movies are superb! :) Thanks for stopping by!
cadiz12 said…
Hi Beth,

I stumbled onto your blog and it made my day! I'm an American-born Indian in Chicago, and my parents inspired my love for Bollywood probably from the womb. I'm having major separation anxiety from filmi songs since I moved out of my parents' house. I feel like I'm missing out (and it's not as fun watching movies without them around, either.) I love your commentary and I look forward to reading more reviews!
Hi Beth! I'm so glad I found your blog. I just came back from India and have been watching an average of three Bollywood films each week. I. Just. Can't. Stop. I have yet to pinpoint exactly what it is that draws me in: the dancing, emotion, beauty, the ridiculous action and the often hilarious results. Yeah, it's cheesy, so what? I luvs it. I will definitely be checking your blog each week for more updates!!
cadiz12 - Woot Chicago! I get happy just reading your sketch of your Bolly-love - especially because you like watching with your parents, and fun parents are the best! Are you going to the Bachchan Unforgettable tour in August at the Sears Center? I'll be there! (Or, if you ever want to meet up for a movie in Chicagoland, let me know - I need to get up there to see good things in the theater more often!)

Kiera - Ooooh, mysterious name! :) Your description is great - I'm sure most everyone around here knows exactly what you mean. Thanks for coming by!
crazyhorse said…
writer/indie film guy from DC.
won best feature at the Philly Big Bang for Victim's Song.
love all kinds of film.
Love Beth's take on Bollywood :-)
Fav movies (no particular order):
JAIT RE JAIT (Marathi movie with Smita Patil)

Fav current movie-makers (in correct order):
Takashi Miike
Q. Tarantino
H. Miyazaki
Guillermo de Toro
David Lynch
Pedro Almodovar

Guy to watch out for: Rajkumar Gupta (Black Friday, Aamir).

nuff said.

onto the posts.
Ellie said…
This is a great blog! My husband and I are in Austin, TX-- in re: previous observations about American men not liking Bollywood as much as American women, my husband is one of the exceptions; he loves it as much as I do, and he has all of the characteristics you noticed in men who love Bollywood. We got into it out of curiosity-- we picked up "Lagaan" at the video store one day to see what it was all about, and once we realized that there is a world where movies can have hour-long cricket scenes AND rain dances AND wonderful music, we were hooked.

Right now we have mostly SRK, since he's literally everywhere, and some of them are brilliant-- but we're kind of looking to branch out. We love the eighties stuff, of course, too. Anybody else love Mithun Chakraborty as much as we do? Did anybody else nearly DIE when he showed up in "Om Shanti Om"-- older, fatter, but still so much more graceful than SRK will ever be? (The part during "Deewangi Deewangi" where Mithun is demonstrating a very simple dance move).

Oh man, I'm running on. We keep forcing Bollywood on all our friends but nobody seems to love it quite as much as we do, except for "Kondukain Kondukain," which was a huge hit. We're going to try them on "Hum De Dil Chuke Sanam" next, but Salman Khan is such a liability.

Speaking of, we're off to watch "Karan Arjun" now. Sorry for babbling in my excitement to air all that. Thanks for having such an interesting blog!
yedmallya - I am shamefully late in replying to all your fun comments! Ack! Thank you for leaving all these interesting thoughts and your kind words.

I have been meaning to see Mirch Masala for awhile now - I need to get to it! I'm woefully ignorant of Japanese cinema - looks like that's one of your favorites. I haven't seen any Rajkumar Gupta yet either!

Ellie - Thank you! I know the familiar of not being able to hook friends as much as you'd like to :) Does Austin have some good rental sources? It seems many college towns do. As for Mithun and the 80s...eeek, you're braver than I am. I've only seen him in a few things, but based on those I'm not on board with your take on him as graceful ;) Good call on Salman being a liability - though I have showed that one to at least one newbie and she loved it. Please keep me posted on what else you're watching!
Ellie said…
(Brief defense of Mithun! By "graceful" I think I mean small motions he does-- not, for example, the hysterical leaping about of "Agneepath" and the drunken staggering of "Gangaa Jamunaa Saraswathi." And "Disco Dancer" is... self-explanatory. Hmm, yes, graceful was the wrong word. But there's just a charm and charisma about him that I find lacking in other stars of the time. Also, he can really do comedy, which is rare).

"Karan Arjun" was hilarious by the way-- not good, but hilarious. Early nineties Kajol and broody Salman (the worse he is, the more awards he's nominated for).
Ellie - :) I'm sure you have a lot more Mithun experience than I do, so I will defer to your judgment. Charm and charisma are certainly important factors - so I fully support people following them wherever they may lead!

Comedy ability is always welcome.
Kanan said…
Cool! I just realized I haven’t sent my autograph for this page. ;)
Hello to Beth from SF bay area! I’m not sure when was the last time you heard this but You totally rock!!!
Anonymous said…
Hey Beth!
I've been following your blog for a really long time and finally decided to pop in and say Hi!

Totally enjoy the masala-ness of the Shashi era and adore him too..
The only difference in our tastes is my love for Lamhe.. I know you haven't watched it as yet.. yes, yes I'm quite the stalker.. If you haven't seen the Lamhe song parody on youtube then you must for it is a crime for any bolly lover to miss out such a gem!

~UK {my initials not the country}
Kanan - Always good to hear from you! And your comment made my day. If I ever make it to California, we shall rock jointly! :)

UK - Helloooo and thank you for posting! I will head for said parody posthaste - I always appreciate tips from a fellow Shashi lover.
Amaluu said…
If you haven't already seen it, I strongly recommend the movie Masoom (the old one with Shabana Azmi and Naseerudin Shah, with "child stars" Jugal Hansraj and Urmila Matondkar). Awesome movie.

I know you're a Shashi fan ... but I am a hardcore Rishi fan. LOOOOVE the disco late 70s and 80s movies, like Hum Kisise Kum Nahin (Rishi Kapoor and Kajal Kiran), Zamane Ko Dikhana Hai (Rishi Kapoor and Padmini Kohlapuri) and Bade Dil Wala (Rishi Kapoor and Tina Munim). Squeeee for Rishi!
Baby Vishwa - I think Filmi Geek has recommended that one too me, but I'm glad to be reminded!

I definitely need to see more Rishi - and he's grown on me :) Yay for squee!
Unknown said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said…
Hi Beth,

I just came across your blog through another blog on bollywood and kind of got hooked..:o) I haven't waded through all the posts though - yet.. :o)

I guess what drew me was the fact that you are not an Indian and yet seem to love Bollywood :o)I do not know too many non-Indians who love Bollywood. I live in Adelaide and while I have colleagues who will catch in an Indian movie once in a while as part of their multicultural experience, no one is really keen on Bollywood movies. The only non-Indian I know who loves Bollywood music (particularly Alka Yagnik songs) is a Canadian who I met online :D

But I am here because I LOVE Bollywood.. I grew up in the Mecca of Bollywood, Mumbai and it is really hard not to be involved in Bollywood at an early age although it was only in my teens that I started getting really interested.. I think it started with Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak - the story was refreshing compared to all the action flicks we had been subjected to until then and the songs were just one of the highlights of the movie (the main one being chocolate yummy Aamir :o))

And then there were a few other movies which had really lovely songs (Aashiqui being the path-breaker).. I have to admit I started watching movies because I loved the songs.. It kind of became like an addiction although I won't watch anything and everything that Bollywood churns out :o))

Anyway I think I'm rambling but I will definitely bookmark your blog and will look forward to many more interesting blogs :o))
Harsh said…
Hi Beth

It was so damn nice to read your blog. Although i havent read all posts, I have covered most of the movies on ur index....
I've been reading ur blog since last 12 hrs, and I must tell u it was a fantastic experience....

The fact that You seem to understand so much of our Movies, even the most sutble of things that are rooted in our culture instead... Hats off.....

Just that there are a few movies here & there, which you need to know more about our country to watch with a right perspective...

Anyways, I truly admire you for your love for Hindi cinema. Keep Penning....

Hi Harsh! Thank you for stopping by and for your kind words. I definitely have a lot to learn - which is one reason I love watching movies so much. As for "a right perspective," I'm not sure I think there is such a thing - but there are definitely better informed ones, and I hope always to strive towards that, knowing that I'll miss sometimes. And I think some things just don't translate culturally, and that's okay too, as long as one tries to be open to looking at things from perspectives that are different from the ones already has.

I stopped by your movie site - I bet you have some recommendations for me? :)
dunkdaft said…
I always feel great when someone with Non indian roots, likes indian movies. Thanks for such a GREAT blog. Thanks for spreading words about Bollywood.

My only complaint is that, Why haven't you reviewed 'Lagaan'?

Congrats for Filmfare. I am gonna buy it today, just because You have featured in it.

Meanwhile, I am also trying Blogging since last some years. It would be great if you have a look at that and give me some tips.
dunkdaft said…
P.S.: Another Fav of mine, Jab We Met is not reviewed :-(
Harsh said…
You bet, Beth.... :)

I would like you to watch so many films that are my all-time favourites, but for now I would recommend you the middle-of-the-road movies from the 70s which I grew up watching... :)

Those films were by stalwarts like Hrishi da, Bau Chatterjee and Gulzar.... and a They gave a new dimension to mainstream films that weren't the typical masala flicks, but yet were equally entertaining. They are

Chhoti si Baat
Baaton Baaton Mein
Mere Apne

Also, since You loved Chashme Buddoor as much as I did, I would recommend you Sai Paranjpe's another of her delightful films 'Katha'...

Thats it for now. Hope to read your take on these ones (all of them) some day... :)

P.S. - I first of all hope You get all of their DVDs out there. ;)

Michael Barnum said…
Hi Beth,

I have been following your blog for some time now and thought I ought to introduce myself. I am Michael from Oregon and my love for Bollywood knows no boundries (as my friends and co-workers will verify).

I am a State employee and a freelance writer (I interview vintage era actors/actresses for various Film and TV related magazines like Filmfax, Classic Images, Video Watchdog, etc).

I must add a huge congratulations on the write up about your blog in the new issue of Filmfare magazine! How cool is that!!
Casuarina said…
Hi, I thought it would only be fair to introduce myself as I do have a whale of a time reading your blog.

Am from Kolkata, India, currently in USA with my husband, an engineer. I've majored in English literature and have worked in various capacities as a journalist(freelance), copy editor, content writer, teacher (school) and tutor(IELTS/TOEFL/GRE. Bollywood is in our blood and even here, we do manage to watch almost all the recent stuff online or at the nearest theater, at the earliest.I can sit rhough 95 percent of B-wood films, however atrocious they might be, since I always believe in judging things for myself. I don't trust reviews as I think it's easier to trash a thing but it needs much more effort to try and praise it. Your love affair with B-wood provides proper perspective as you do seem to try your best with each film (despite the obstacle of faulty subtitles). Kudos!

Will sure be hanging around here a lot !
kaushik said…
hi Beth,

this is kaushik from kolkata (calcutta) I read full page article about your blog in filmfare magazine today morning at the hair-cut saloon near my place. Enjoyed the write-up on villain's den in PARVARISH. its my favorite too.

Surprise ! PARVARISH was showing again on a movie channel tonite ! after than i had to log it and visit your site. keep writing !!
Anonymous said…

I'm a university student and live in the Cotswolds, England. I only discovered Bollywood properly last September with 'Jodhaa Akbar' and have since seen around twenty more Indian films (including nearly all of Hrithik's, I am not ashamed to say!). Preity Zinta, Kajol and Ajay Devgan are some of my other favourites, and I'm not averse to a little Shahrukh either. I use LoveFilm to rent them - my list on there has quadrupled in size since! I really enjoy your blog, so thank you very much for making the world of Bollywood more accessible.


P.S. Not sure if anyone on here has heard about this:
I've booked to see it and am really rather excited!
Tiffany said…
Hallo Beth!
I just stumbled upon your blog from, I cannot remember where. I LOVE IT.

I'm from Trinidad in the Caribbean and of course there is a healthy love for the Indian cinema here. I try to watch 1 film per day, and my favourite is probably Abhishek Bachchan! xx
(Sorry for the slow response everyone!)

Michael - You are very famous around here via Memsaab's comments :) Thank you for stopping by!

Casuarina - :) "Whale of a time" is a fantastic analogy! Yay! I really appreciate your comments, especially because you're clearly a person who engages with words and stories and ideas. Thank you so much for saying hi!

kaushik - How fun! I love finding other folks who share my glee for Parvarish. :)

Thursa - Hrithik-watching is an approved strategy! :) I'm happy my site could be a good resource for you. And thank you for the link - I had heard about that awhiel ago but am glad to know of an update.

Tiffany - Thanks! And woot! more fans in the western hemisphere :) I feel you on the Abhishek.
Hi i'd been reading your blog for quite a while before i started mine. I first came on your blog through Filmi Geek a few months back and i heard you when you were on Love Bollywood as well. Well i love Bollywwod because it is just fabulous,as a huge lover of Popular Cultre, i find Bollywood very appealing in the same way i find pop music amusing.

Do drop by to mine for a visit sometime
Anonymous said…
Hey Beth, it's Trish. Melina told me you had this great blog and I thought I would check it out. This is amazing and way better than a nut covered raisin :). Hope you are doing well. I’ll stop back by when I have more time to sit and read.
bollywooddeewana - Thanks for posting and letting me know about your site!

Trish - Blast from the past - and I trust that you, like I, are still a nut covered raisin? :)
Anonymous said…
Hello Beth,

You and memsaab are a huge amount of inspiration to me. I am absolutely blown away by the amount of intense love tht u shower upon Bollywood (and I thought I am Bollywood's biggest fan, yea right)

What surprises me more is the fan following of Shashi Kapoor, Dara Singh and (omg) KN Singh, phew!!!

I have been blogging for quite some time now, but my blog (although it focusses on Bollywood) also features TV, Pop culture humour and Japanese anime etc. Here's my link:

feels awesome to be connected with you via such a beautiful blog.

Anonymous said…
And oh...forgot to say...I am from India....and right now I am in the UK...
Anonymous said…
Hi from Virginia in New York. I've read your blog from time to time for awhile now, and can't remember if I've commented on it.

I share your Shashi love and was overwhelmed with the generosity of this year's Shashi Week offerings.

I post here and there under one name or another - I'll stick to this one here from now on!!

Hi Sujoy - What a kind note! Thank you for reading and for sharing your site!

Virginia - Yahoo! It's a delight to have you commenting - I've heard great things about you for years from a trusted source ;)
Anonymous said…
Hey Beth - u forgot to include Australia in the list of countries in the 1st paragraph!


Shellie said…
Hi Beth,
Shellie from Alberta, Canada. I was introduced to Bollywood nearly a year ago and was hooked immediately. Now all my time is spent watching, listening and learning all things Indian.

I found your blog through Filmi Girl: Falling for Bollywood. Great great site. I can read for hours! Thanks for all of the great links.
Meera - Yay OZ! :)

Shell - And yay Canada, even though I haven't been to Alberta! :) (I lived in Toronto for two years.) Thank you for coming by and the comments!
DNJ said…
Hi Beth
I am Dipak Jham from Dubai (UAE)
Just came across your Blog & have just stated enjoying it , still have to go thru the entre blog
70's Bollywood fascinates me to the extreme

Why dont you also post the Album Arts of the Movies also.
Shellie said…
Hi beth. Saw you tweeted me, but I couldn't tweet back. You asked my blog url. It is

It's freshly switched from my old boring blog, so there's not much there, but I look forward to building and building and building!
Jamie said…
Hello Beth,

My name is Jamie from Pittsburgh, PA. I LOVE Hindi movies too! I married an Indian and that is how I got into them. The first Bollywood movie I saw was Dil Chatha Hai, and it is still one of my favorites! Some others that I like are Rang De Basanti, Dhoom 2, Veer Zaara, and Lagaan. Aamir Khan is my favorite for sure. I will watch anything that he is in!

First time visiting your blog. Will bookmark your site!
Dipak - Thank you! I agree, the 70s have a special something about them, don't they? :)

As for albums, never crossed my mind! Many of them are fabulous. There are a few music-specific blogs out there that may give you the fix you need. and are two that I like.

shell - Thanks for the link!

Jamie - Yay! I've yet to be disappointed in an Aamir Khan performance (though I disliked Ghajini a lot for various other reasons. Thank you for stopping by :)
Shauna said…
Obsession...the Bolly frontier! I'm a native northern Californian and Research Scientist (when I'm not watching Bollywood)! Yes, I am an avid Bollywood fan (perhaps, no definitely, stalkerish). That sounds a bit creepy, sorry. It is just that I love ALL things Bollywood...the music, the dance, the drama...sigh. I'm even studying hindi, urdu, and panjabi so that I can watch my favs without subtitles and properly sing-along to the songs. And, yes, this Irish girl unabashedly blasts Bollywood film songs and bhangra from car and home. Bollywood Zindabad!
Nandan said…

Thanks for your great reviews. I'm a northern california refugee now in Bangalore, India. Not sure if this would qualify as a sales pitch, but if folks wants to watch movies, they are welcome to come on over to


Anonymous said…
Hi Beth!
Just found your wonderful blog...I recently discovered Bollywood through my love of costume dramas (and really all types of film). I'd seen all of the Gurinder Chadha films, but when I first saw Jodhaa Akbar I became a major Hrithik fan and delved into the Bollywood world! I've watched about twenty Bollywood movies so far and my favorites are Dhoom 2, Jhoom Barabar Jhoom, Luck By Chance, Jab We Met, Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, Mujhse Dosti Karoge and Saawariya.

Looking forward to reading more of your blog...

...also wanted to mention that I spent a year and a half at UIUC getting my library degree back in 1998-1999. I now work as a rare book librarian in Boston. We have a lot in common I think!

Argh I'm behind again! Sorry friends!

Shauna - Oooh "stalkerish"? For whom/what? Do tell! Good for you for diving into language learning - I have yet to find that sort of self-discipline. I'll look for you car-bhangra-ing next time I'm in CA. Bollywood zindabad!

PS Did you see Bollyviewer/Old Is Gold's post on movie versions of careers? V funny.

Jyotsna - Thank you for coming by! Nah, sharing movie sources is cool :)

Kim - Thank you! Her Bride and Prejudice was my gateway too. You're ahead of me on at least one film - I have yet to get my hands on Lucky by Chance and am very eager to do so.

And YAY UIUC person! You were here in the brief blip since 1992 that I wasn't....but we are fellow alums! I finished GSLIS in 2002. Boston seems like such a wonderful city to be in - and to be a librarian in! So glad you introduced yourself :)
And a VERY late response to Deepa, whom I hope hope is still reading and will see this some day. Thank you for sharing your story! I love hearing these - even people who grew up with Bollywood have great stories about films that moved them early on, great childhood memories at the movies, etc.
Sal said…
Hey Beth,
I found your blog through Memsaabstory, which I'd read about in Filmfare. I've been a Bollywood junkie all my life, and seeing how people from around the world react to Bollywood (sorry, Mr. Bachchan!) films is an education in itself. Needless to say, your blog is funny, witty and interesting, and I keep coming back! In fact, you've inspired me to finally start blogging about Bollywood and beyond, something I've been planning to do forever, and I'm setting up shop at! Keep up the good work!
Sal - Thank you! I'm so glad you came by.

And it does seem Mr. Bachchan has lost that battle, doesn't it - though I probably wouldn't have named my blog what I did if I had known at the time what I know now. I'll be reading your site (which definitely does NOT need a new name - well done)!
Anonymous said…
Uhm, I'm kinda late in introducing myself, as I've been reading your blog for quite some time (I even have it linked in my blog, lol). But here I am!

I'm Alex, and I quite obviously love Bollywood. Since... early 2007, I believe? But I haven't watched nearly as much films as I'd like (50, and a large number of those were on youtube before it went copyright-crazy), so excuse my ignorance on some things!

That said, really enjoying your blog! (are you going to post about seeing SRK this weekend? Pretty please? xD Just read Nita's post, and I'm sooo happy for the both of you!)

Oh, one question-- how did you get a rotating header? I'm on LiveJournal right now, but trying to set up a blogger/blogspot account to see which one I like more.
Unknown said…
Hello Beth

I'm Martin. I just randomly found this page on a bored afternoon! I like it.

I'm originally from England but am currently in Bangladesh.

My first Bollywood movie was a subtitle-less 'Kuch kuch hota hai' in a cinema. Although I didn't entirely know what was going on a knew enough to know that this was fun! Since then I've become big Bollywood fan. I even read Filmfare now!

Now I've found your site I'll do my best to contribute.

best wishes,
Anonymous said…
Hi Beth,

I know we've gone back and forth a bit on Twitter, so just by way of introduction I'll say I'm Gauri Radha, I post as Gauri on Bollywhat Forum. I'm 35, I'm a dancer, I live in Los Angeles. And I'm a devoted Bollywood fan like everyone else here.

I feel like I'm a little late to the party, I've been slowly (and only recently) discovering the online world of Bollywood content in various websites, blogs, Twitter, and places like LiveJournal where I just joined. Very exciting and cool!!

I am enjoying your tweets!! And I have bookmarked your blog and look forward to reading all the reviews you have posted.


Gauri :)
E granada said…
So happy to have found your great blog!

It started with a trickle... I really fell in love with the costumes first - "Bend it like beckham", "Monsoon wedding", "Bride and prejudice", "Salaam Bombay".

Then I've discovered the Indian channel on TV that showed desi music clips on weekend mornings, and slowly started to learn who's who and what's going on. Before long I started humming the songs and pretending that I could dance to them.

On a recent flight I chose to watch the Bollywood films on the menu. I caught "Guru", with aish and abishek. On the way back - "Rab ne bana di jodi". For the record - I loved it and loved Shahrukh in it. The amount of tears shed in that movie astonished me.

Once I was home I went and bought two more dvd's(The fantastic Jodhaa Akbar and so-so Umrao Jaan) and developed a HUGE crush on Hrithik Roshan - but then again, I'm very, very weak when it comes to great dancers.

This Friday I'll be at the store again and see if I can get "Luck by chance".

I'm a newbie so I'm happy to receive recommendations!
Unknown said…
Hey, Beth just ran across your blog and it's adorable...I'm soo hooked on bollywood it's a shame, lol! But quick question about Dostana, do you know the name of the song Neha(Priyanka) plays when she has the dinner party in the apt and the guys all start dancing?
Cuo2ure - Thanks! As for the song, I don't remember. If I can find the scene online I'll take a listen :)
Ankan said…
Hello. I am Indian and a big bollywood fan, now staying in Paris for some months and already missing new releases in the theaters back home.. Read about all this in tehelka. Quick question: have you seen Gunda by Kanti Shah? If you haven't I strongly suggest you do.Would love to read your response. Possibly among the most brilliant films ever.
Margaret said…
Wonderful blog! And I'm uber-excited about the Striker Watchalong!
Sarah said…
Hey, Beth! You totally made me laugh with the line "guests are like gods" :D Just gotta love Bollywood.

I think I was reading Paisa Vasool (which I found through some Google search or other) and followed a link here. I've enjoyed reading your posts so I thought I would say "hi." Living here in Iowa, the internet is a blessing in helping me with my Bollywood obsession because I can connect with other people who share it.
Ankan - Thanks for commenting! I have not seen Gunda but I have noticed MANY tweets about it lately :)

Margaret - Thanks!

Sarah - Yay midwest! (I'm in Illinois.) I bet the more you dig around, the more Bolly peeps you'll find.
Liesie said…
Hi Beth,

Wandered in from The Bollywood Fan. Love your blog and will visit again:)

I'm an obsessed-South African-Bolly-fan. Have to drive about 200 kilometers to see a Bolly movie, but it's always worthwhile.

And the Postal Service ... definitely my best new friend. Import import import!

Take care,
Bombay Talkies said…
Greetings from DC! Been lurking for a while but thought I'd introduce myself. I found you through Bollywood Fugly (I think? It was a long time ago!) Anyways I got started on my Hindi film kick about five years ago...saw BILB, got addicted to the music, had a desi roommate who lent me a copy of Devdas and the rest is history.

(And to Cou2ure-the song Priyanka and Co. are dancing to at her dinner party in Dostana is Beedi from Omkara. What a hilarious scene!!)

-Melissa :)
Hi Liesie! Thank you for visiting and commenting! If only you and I could carpool - we have similar driving distances :) Do you know fellow South African Sheetal Makhan's blog? She also writes at

It'd be pretty hilarious to figure out the net amount spent by Bolly fans worldwide on movie imports! India could add it to its GDP :)

Bomaby Talkies - Hiya! I envy you living in DC (I'm a museum junkie) :) Thank you for stopping by. Our stories are very similar - though it was Bride and Prejudice that got me started down the track of Indian cinema.
Liesie said…

Thanx for the link! My Bolly-list is growing c",)

Hey, we actually have a carpool going here! We are three or four that tackles the long road to the Bollywood movie every month or so.

Mmmmmm, very protective over my Bolly imports. Have a few upset friends ... seriously what do they expect?! LoL, I slave my behind off getting my hands on the movies!

Diane said…
Greetings and love the blog!

I'm in the SF Bay Area. I've been watching BW about ten years now and ever since I discovered have just loved it. I only get out to the theatres maybe once every two months, and so mostly watch on dvd. But I am lucky here to have several places that play Bollywood (and regional Indian) film.
dink213 said…
Thanks to cheap airfare I went to India in 2005, asked a random guy whitch movie to bring home, saw Taal (that's +300 movies ago), became a bollywood fan, started blogging due to boredom while having phneumonia in 2009, found you and a ton more bolly-fans. And finally I have someone to talk to about this obsession.
Thanks for a great blog.
Liesie - I wish I could copy you and get a carpool together - I know there are other Bolly fans in my town but I have yet to meet them :)

Diane - Thank you! I hear you're in a great spot for film-watching. You should also check out the wonderful blog by another San Franciscan who has a special flair for 60s and 70s madness:

dink213 - Taal came early in my history too. Welcome to blogging (I've left you some comments already this morning) and I look forwad to seeing you in the conversations :)
sophy said…

Like your blog very much. I like Shashi but nowhere near as much as you do. I loved your analysis of Sharmilee. I only recently started watching Bolly and fell in love with it --or rather I fell in love with the 60/70s heroes and their gaily dressed heroines. My previous lack of Bolly appreciation is somewhat strange since I am after all Indian-- Indian-American actually but living in Europe.
Hi Sophy! Thank you for commenting! Isn't Sharmilee such an interesting film? I have watched it several times and keep finding new ideas and questions in it. Falling in love with the 60s and 70s is easy to do, isn't it?
Anonymous said…
Hi Beth!

I'm a movie critic in Bombay and I love the movies too! Even if it's a crap movie, I can't not watch it!

Love ur blog, there's so much to read!!
Anon - Thanks! Where can I read some of your reviews?
Love, LOVE, L-O-V-E Beth Rani's reviews! Amazingly fresh stuff from a firangi loved by us closeted FOBs! We have become BLB-addicts. White pants, disco jeans, wing-tip eyeliners, brothers born-separated-united-fight filled endings are the stuff of true genius!
la profe said…
I come to Bollywood from a completely different POV. I find the values to be very close to Latino values, and I have presented a paper about that issue at a scholarly conference. I'm a professor of Spanish, and I enjoy trying to learn Hindi through the films, which are pretty much kitsch, but lots of fun. A great escape, and interesting to read the posts of other Bwd fans on Twitter. La profe--bnuhferh
Veen said…
Hi, I am VG from Australia. Originally from Malaysia, my appreciation of Bollywood movies and music was cultivated by my parents at a very young age. Basically learnt Hindi through watching movies and also through my very 'broken' punjabi!
BGD - :) Thank yoooooo! :) That is a huge compliment. Totally agree re: those genius items. I need a makeover STAT.

la profe - I am fascinated to hear this! I have for years wondered about this exact connection. Can you send me a citation to your paper?

Veen - Just read your Parveen Babi post - I guess I knew most of that already but was still really sad to read it again. You chose some great pictures too!
Prathna Tiwari said…
Hi beth! ofcourse we know each other through BS but thought I'd come and sign your make-shift guess book :D

Lovely blog!
bollylitsa said…
Hi Beth! Greetings from Greece! I watch Bollywood almost a year now and your blog is one of my favorites. I started a blog myself in case I find any "Bollywood-comrades" here in Greece. Unfortunately it has been a very lonely activity until now! Keep up the good posts! (does it have any meaning in english???)
Nice to meet you, Pasxalia! I hopped over to your site and love that you've written up Bombay to Goa! What a cute movie that is - plus so many great outfits :)

PS Your blogger profile says you work in museums/libraries - me too!
Turkish Bacon said…
Howdy Beth! We "met" on twitter today after I read your fab dissertation on the many manes of Akshaye Khanna (which again had me laughing out loud). Just wanted to stop by and check out your work and what kind of films you're into. I'll stop by more often.

Amaluu said…
HA I found my original intro post as "Anonymous" but I thought maybe I'd re-post it now that I'm all registered and BollyBlogging myself and all. THANKS for being such an amazing inspiration, and oh, your header banners are my favorite part of visiting your site! Updates to the below intro are that I'm now in Boston, have a 2 yr old,and am bollyblogging at :-)

Or you can watch me dance at

-----original intro-------
Beth - I'm so glad I found your site. I'm currently in NYC, lived in Chicago before that, grew up in the Metro Detroit area. Have lived and breathed Bollywood my whole life ... love it to death with all it's cheesiness. Don't understand where my background dancers are, or why I can't walk in a room in slow motion for the benefit of all male admirers. Have a white sari ready for a rainy day. My golden faves: late 70s and 80s Amitabh and Rishi Kapoor, Sridevi, Rekha, Sachin (Sunny from Satte Pe Satta), Madhuri. Current faves: Abhishek & Ash, of course. Also love Preity & Rani flicks. Much respect for SRK, despite the see-through shirts. Southern flavor: love Vikram, Madhavan, Surya, Jyothika, Simran, Trisha and Asin. Shame-faced past: Once had Salman plastered all over my walls. I was fourteen, ok??? By the way, I am a Bharatanatyam dancer and a reigning Antakshari champion.
Nabeel said…
So I both hate and love you for your ode to Bollywood. Fascinating to fascinating that it completely killed my productivity AND sleep cycle. I'm sure you get that a lot, but...yeah.

I can go on and on and on, but to quote Frost, I have miles to go...

and so I will limit myself to saying

thank you.

here's to more great reviews :)
Turkish Bacon - I know we know each other on twitter now but somehow I missed you saying hello here :)

Amaluu - WOOT! Your blog is soooo much fun! And clearly another Boston Bolly meetup must happen!

Nabeel - You crack me up! Thanks so much for joining in! :)
JuneBug said…
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DNJ said…
Hi Beth
I am Dipak N Jham from Mumbai,India currently Residing in Dubai(UAE)
Love your Blog and I follow ir Regularly

God Bless You fo tthe amazing atuff you Post

Do keep in touch

Thanks Dipak! I hope you also enjoy the fabulous movie blog based out of Dubai :)
Nagesh Kumar said…
Hello Filmi fans,
I am Nagesh and keep seeing golden oldie films of 1970s bollywood a lot..
My blog is at
I am very happy to read the content rich blog by Beth here..Hurray!

Nagesh Kumar said…
Beth, I bet someone like you would know this.. I am trying to recall a an old Hindi Murder mystery film's title..Where can I post the details for your ref..Please let me know


( Chennai)
Hi Nagesh - Thanks for stopping by! I haven't seen many mysteries but you can send me an email at bethlovesbollywood at gmail . Other sites to try would be and - they have seen a lot more films than I have!
BollyKonection said…
Hi Beth! How are you? I absoutley love your blog, I always read the reviews before I go see a movie, your always spot on! Your reviews are so entertianing and keep me interested :) I was wondering if you could sign up here, it would be great for a bollywood fan like you and we would deffintly love to see you there:
Mette said…
Hello Beth,
I'm kind of new to the blogging universe and I'm just getting started by finding other great blogs.
I must say, that your blog is one of the best Bollywood blogs I know, I love it!!!
Hope you will visit my blog and maybe give me some advice.
Ok, bye!
Greetings, Mette
Mette - Hi! And thank you! :) I hope you enjoy your experiences writing as much as viewing!
Anonymous said…
Beth, I'm a friend of Ellie's in Austin, so first off I need to give her major props for the referral. Between her recommendations and yours, this newbie bolly fangirl is for sure being properly schooled.

So when will you be traveling to Austin, so we may begin planning your welcome party?! :)

Lauren - I've heard so much about you! :) Ellie and I don't agree on quite everything but she will definitely not steer you wrong.

I REALLY need to come see you guys! Maybe...spring?
Carol Juvenil said…

I'm Carolyne, 19, Psychology student from Rio de Janeiro (Brazil, Brazil, Brazil! \o/). I started watching Indian movies in 2009 and obviously, I can't stop doing it. I think Google brought me here long ago. For a long time, it was my favourite Bollywood blog (I spent a great number of hours of my life here). It was the first I've seen with personal comments about the movies. Now I know too many blogs to have a favourite, sorry ;)

I have a Bolly blog with a friend (KK-Bollywood), but we don't post a lot (shame on us). She doesn't like to watch a lot of old movies like I do, so I did a separate blog to write only about them ("Living In Old Bollywood).

Here in Brazil it's almost impossible finding Indian movies(except Mother India, Lagaan, Saawariya, Mangal Pandey and...Mission Kashmir o.o), so we have a little group that translate some movies. We had a soap opera here (Filmi Girl wrote something about her on the gossip section) that talked about India, so people's interest keep growing. The only sad thing about it all is that only a few of us love old movies...I feel the others are loosing so much.

Well, I talked too much. The last thing: my english is not all that, and it's improving only because of the movies and blogs.
Hi Carol - I love hearing about Indian cinema in South America! And it's WONDERFUL that you're doing translating - what a huge undertaking and labor of pyaaar :) Send a link to your blogs?
Carol Juvenil said…
Sometimes it's hard to translate the movies, but there's a girl (another Carol) who did it so many times that she inspired us to help too. Initially we had about 20 movies, now there's more than a makes me feel very proud! :)

Now, the links:
Aha! I thought I had met another Carol from South America :) Thanks for sharing your blogs! And I agree, you should be very proud of such projects!
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