Whoever said German wasn't a romantic language?

So I was reading Paint It Pink about...well, Shashi, probably, and also a post about Disco Dancer, and the Google translator had no idea what to do with the word Schnuffig (and it also thinks post, as in a post on a blog, is "post office." ). So I called in the author, and she explained:
Schnuffig (and I don't think you'll find that in a dictionary ...) means cute, cuddly, sweet, adorable etc. It's usually used in combination with a high-pitched squeeking sound :D The noun is Schnuffel and totally applies to crumpety guys like Shashi or Siddharth. Hm, crumpet could be a good translation for Schnuffel, actually ...
See? My new plan to brush up on my German is totally working.

This word is way better than...anything, really. I plan to put it to use immediately, probably in my upcoming post office about Sharmilee, in which Shashi is Ć¼berschnuffig.


Anonymous said…
yeah, thats real life learning :)
Unknown said…
thanx for teachin us german by the way mindlowing blog and wanna built one like urs in learning process but u r simply superb
Michael, my dear, you are the very benchmark for schnuffig.

protege - thanks! I've never been called "superb" before und ich mag es sehr.

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