So it's either today, Friday, or next week, but anyway, let's all wish Akshaye, shall we?

It would be decidedly inappropriate to gather up all the pictures just at the moment, since I'm at work and all, so in the meantime, please join Michael and me in fĂȘting our favorite Bollywood boy. Acting-wise, he has never let us down, even when material and peers around him stink. He wears his pleather and hip-hop ensembles with a knowing, barely-perceptible tongue in cheek. He smiles without mugging. He's funny without mania. He arm-flings without flailing. All that and coming through the bubble song with his dignity in tact. I don't know how he does it.


Maja said…
Oh, happy birthday, Akshaye!
I hope he0ll be allowed to wear sequins at least today ;) And that bubble song is adorable in its bizarreness.
Anonymous said…
happy birthday, akshaye. you are the greatest guy in the world.
Anonymous said…
I'm all in favor of celebrating the birthdays of my favorites, usually with a ceremonial viewing of something of their work that is close to my heart. So go for it!

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