meetup day, part 1

Even though the brave Babasko and her very supportive, generous, and funny non-FPM true-for-real SO had announced their home would be open at 8:00 for morning visitors - and not edited the time after last night's rather longish dinner at a Sri Lankan restaurant - it was almost 9:oo before anyone showed up, giving us time to do last-minute scrambling and food prep. I say "we," though all I did was chop strawberries for the filling for Babasko's scrummy Austrian crepes, the name of which she has told me twice but I have forgotten. It's almost 11:00 now and there are at least 14 people here. Bollywood Fugly readers please note that somehow we are all color-coordinated, in neutrals puncuated with blue and orange (how Blogger chic, or Illinois chic, even, though I will not try to explain that to the people here).

I have absolutely no idea what people are talking about - or who everyone is, as the nametags the Vienna crew made on Wednesday night at Cafe Coffee Day (the only one outside India) are being saved for this afternoon - but I am muchly entertained by the nonverbals. And, when there are pauses, the latest issue of Filmfare. Said issue features a photo shoot of my FPMBF and Babasko has said I, not Michael, can take home those pages. Ha! Ha ha ha! I'm making my way through a content-free piece by Naseeruddin Shah on his thoughts on...acting, I think is the point of this, and Stanislavsky. The piece meanders, but I do agree with his point that a recap of the plot of a film does not a review make. I only hope his courses at Whispering Woods or Wandering Whipoorwills or Wallowing Willows or whatever that school is called are more organized.

Ooh, I've just been invited to join a game of carrom. Das macht spasß!


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