meetup day, part 3

I'm sitting next to Kaddele and she is a hoot and a half (if not more), as demonstrated by her cheering for the entrance of Mrs. Kakkad. And I notice that Michael is posting sounds as well as images of the gathering. It's getting a bit meta around here - a group of people who like Indian movies and write/read about them are sitting together watching an Indian movie and writing and reading about that very same event.

This is way too much fun. There must be an English-language meetup and soon, geography schmeography.

"Ich bin da." Tee hee.

You know, the two worst things about my crap German are 1) the folks here probably think I'm a sad-sack wallflower, since I mostly just try to listen as carefully as possible and don't join in conversations because I can't, and, more importantly, 2) I am not able to get to know these wonderful people whom I have no doubt would all be good friends if only I could communicate with them. Fortunately, I can pick up on the very strong sense of high-quality community here, and the love of Bollywood is an impressively effective lingua franca. And now that the movie is rolling, we can all joke around together with a very specific context.

If you want the actual blow-by-blows of the movie-watching, see Babasko, Michael, Kaddele, Maini, and Masala. See what I mean about the meta? Phew!


umananda said…
saying that you are a "sad-sack wallflower" is a strictly nono!!!
Katrin said…
umananda is absolutely right - nobody should believe a word Beth says about being a wallflower!

@Beth: Hope you had a good journey back. It was so amazing to finally meet you in person.

Right, I'll go back to wallowing in self-pity because the event is already over ... I already miss everybody terribly :(
umananda said…
Ahh! so thats why KANK won so many Acebas- it was a karma-sign to tell us that we should not say goodbye to each other!

by the way: it took four episodes of "earl" to make me (somehow) happy again

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