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Aaaah work is really busy and stuff so I haven't written up Waqt or Pyar Ka Mausam from two weeks ago despite Asha Parekh's giant fish-shaped hair accessory! Aaah! I didn't have enough energy to face those projects today (and there's also the slight chance that last week I fell into a black hole of old tv shows starring Rob Morrow), so instead I started watching Heyy Babyy. Until I can write something better, here's a selection from my notes. By the way, the responsibility for me watching this movie belongs to Riteish Deshmukh, because I wanted to know if he was as good in it as he was in the Unforgettable Tour, and Shahrukh Khan. (Sorry for the capital letters. They're easier to type than italics when I'm trying to keep up with the movie.)
0:07:14 FOR REAL with the spraying white stuff on women?

0:08:00 Aw, the girl in Fardeen's bed is white (and blonde). Riteish's girl is white (and blonde). Aw, Akshay's is too. Awwww. White women are trampy. Yet most of the women they were dancing with in the club were INDIAN STARS. Hmmmm.

0:09:38 This girl is CUTE!!! SUPER CUTE!

0:013:00 That baby is NOT six days old. She has teeth.

0:31:10 Haha men can't be dogs because dogs are faithful.

0:37:40 Oh my god, this is so annoying.

0:38:33 I just want to get to SRK's song.

0:40:16 I'm stopping here and finding SRK's song.

while fast-forwarding: I see Boman! I had forgotten he was in this. Dear Boman: please come and save this movie.

still fast-forwarding: Anupam Kher. [Momentarily play at normal speed.] His phone rings to the song from DDLJ and then he says something about "Raj Malhotra." HAR DEE HAR HAR.

2:02:30 FINALLY the song. It seems to me that Ritesh is not as good a dancer as
Akshay (he seems to be doing fewer and scaled-down moves), but he's selling it.


2:05:25 Is this him? Everyone's looking.

2:05:27 Yes it is, because I've seen this clip.

2:05:43 Finally actual facial confirmation. THANK GOD even though he has the ponytail.

Actual review of something to arrive later this week, I promise.


Damozel said…
Sajid Khan should have shown this to someone before going to post production - heck, he has Farah at home. I know zit about films and I could point out a 100 places where he ought to have paused and explained. Also, Vidya's character: Desperately want to attribute it to faulty directing. I was rooting for her to fly away with the baby.
Unknown said…
Hahahaha! Why would you watch this movie? Just for a song? You could have just done that on Youtube or something!

Am happy enough with the Hollywood version, no plans of watching this one. But will read about it if you write more :)
ajnabi said…
Aww, man, this movie's in my queue. Crud.

And that baby is supposed to be six days old? On what planet, Krypton? They can't even smile till after a month!
damozel - Good call on the Farah connection! Yeah, this movie seems like a bit of a mess, though to be fair I am only 45 minutes in.

Vatsala - It was the lure of Riteish, honestly. I'd watched the song of course - and a very enjoyable song it is! - but after seem him on stage I really wanted to try some more of his films, and this one was handy. :)

Ajnabi - I'll let you know more once I finish it. So far it's pretty immature, humor-wise, but I have had a few chuckles.
AD said…
That title song - which has every starlet of note in Bollywood trying her best to look hot - is one of the greatest sequences ever filmed in Indian cinema. Unfortunately the rest of the movie barely lives up to the trampy promise of that song.

Great music though - Mast Kalander unearthed a terrific new singing talent (Master Saleem - yes, his real name). And I can't help but sing along whenever Heyy Babyy plays.
Pitu said…
This movie gave me a major migraine :-p SRK helped the Tylenol go down faster :-D Ritesh rocked in this movie although Vidya aunty looked like his mummy and Fardeen Khan was a zombie.
Anonymous said…
I saw this movie and immediately took a shower. The only good thing about it was the baby and now I feel outraged on her behalf! Arrggh. This is why I really can't get on the Akki Love train much as I sometimes wonder if I could.

PS - sorry for flaking :( Things happened.
gebruss said…
I have been avoiding this so far. It looks like I might go on avoiding it. After all, I have already seen two versions of the story; maybe I can skip the third.
bird's eye view said…
Very funny - the only part of the movie I liked was when the dirty diaper hits our 'heroes'! BTW, have something for you on my blog!
Aspi - I like the music, too. I had to look up who all the starlets were - Shilpa Shetty's sister, right - and doesn't that seem kind of sad? I only recognized a few of them.

Totally agreed re: Mast Kalander.

Pitu - YES on all counts :) I have a soft spot for Fardeen but he is undoing it quickly.

Amrita - YES. Urgh. Poor little baby.

Gebruss - Keep on keepin' on. I'll let you know if anything noteworthy occurs in it.

bird's eye view - haha! Oooh, which blog? You have so many!
Anonymous said…
Only reasons to watch this movie: the incredibly adorable baby, and of course, SRK. The rest? Horrible. I love me some Ritesh, but even he couldn't save it.
Kanan said…
waaaa ha ha ha.. I was laughing and crying both with this one. WHY O WHY did I do this? The most stupid scene is in the house when I forget who is trying to hide. I think it's Reitesh if I remember it right. It's so lame lame lame!

I do like the songs though - mast kalandar and Akki are fun watch.

If a film maker ever gets sued for making a movie, this one would be on the list.
lols- this is especially hilarious, cos I did pretty much the same- fwded to the SRK song- and the DDLJ references were lame, but wth- anything to see SRK and Anupam together, even for a few minutes. Also stopped and watched all of Boman's scenese- and some of Vidya- her outfits were probably the mot hilarious part of the movie (ooh- i'm getting catty now :S).
Yash said…
"That baby is NOT six days old. She has teeth." & even she is taking too much stuff for her tiny stomach & haha you watched movie only for sharukh's song , thats too much
Casuarina said…
I always justify my actually having sat through the entire film by thinking of the baby and the baby only. Cheers !
Reema and Casuarina - Aaaaabsolutely! I still think of the baby, actually - that's how cute she was!

Kanan - Hee! Ah, the regret!

Shweta - Yeah, Vidya was not well cast in this, I don't think. I like her, but she wasn't right for thisl role, such that it was.

Yash - :)
Laura said…
this movie was quite painful to watch. But, you know, Riteish and SRK appeared and had to watch it. Fardeen? oh i already forgot he appeared in this movie. boman and anupam couldnt do anything to save this film.
oh, but i thought the matrix- like scene at the birthday party was funny. the only funny thing about this movie.
great reviews. i have a review blog too, but its in spanish.
Hi Laura - There is so much that is forgettable in this film. A year after seeing it, about all I remember is SRK, the little girl, Fardeen's riff on Chupke Chupke, and some cute moments between Fardeen and Ritesh.

I wish my Spanish were better! Maybe you could write something in English and tell the rest of us about the popularity of Indian films in South America? :)

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