more family trees

This is a dangerous OCD sort of path, isn't it? I do not claim that any of these family trees I'm working on is "complete"; I'm generally making do with what I can find fairly easily and only adding what interests me, which is almost entirely movie-related. 

The Irani sisters (Honey, Daisy, and Menaka), the Akhtars, the Azmis, and the Farah Khans. I already knew the basic sketch of these families, but I did not know the film industry involvement of Javed Akhtar's father, Shabana Azmi's brother, or Daisy Irani's husband.  
Click here for a pdf.

The Feroz and Sanjay Khans and the Roshans. The surprise here was both sets of Hrithik's grandparents. How cool that there was a female music director back then (and how frustrating that I can only think of one since then).
Click here for a pdf.

Click on either to see a bigger version or follow the links in the captions for pdfs. See today's earlier post for the Satyajit Ray/Kishore Kumar/Mithun Chakraborty tree


Anonymous said…

Your OCD shall be our infinite benefit. This project of yours is a resource as valuable as Greta's actor gallery.

Did I mention, THANK YOU!!

PS I love! the swirly-cute typeface you used for Mumtaz.

carla (filmi geek)
Anonymous said…
This is nothing short of AMAZING. Well done!
Alwayz Moviez said…
The Akhtar - Irani family tree is great. You may also add actress Tanvi Azmi, wife of Baba Azmi. Tanvi's mother was Usha Kiran, actress of the 1950s.
AH! I had no idea and will add that branch! Excellent!
hi Beth...

Indeed, the akhtars are a super talented family. Thanks!!

However, Farhan and Zoya Akhtar are not twins...

Also, though may not be related to movies, Javed Akhtar's brother Salman Akhtar is a renowned psychoanalyst.

Anonymous said…
How on earth did I miss this? There will soon be overlapping trees too!

Feroz's wife Sundari is also actress Sonia Sahni's sister. Sonia was married to IS Johar at one point, although I don't think they had kids.
Unknown said…
Shaukat Kaifi is from Hyderabad and Kaifi Azmi from Azamgarh, UP. Farah and Tabu are from Hyderabad, hence they are from Shabanas' maternal side of family.
Unknown said…
Shukat Kaifi (Shabanas' mother) is from Hyderabad and so are Farha and Tabu. Whereas, Kaifi Azmi is from Azamgarh, UP, hence they are from her maternal side of family.
yahabibi said…
If I am not mistaken, J Om Prakash's brother is Pachhi (director of International Crook 1974). Pachhi married one of Dharmendra's sisters.
Ohhh I hope you're right!
Shabana herself has tweeted: her cousin Rizwana is Tabu and Farha's mother.

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