Ajooba hangover

Alert reader Temple sent me this photo of the hilarious and scathing review of Ajooba that is featured on the back of the case of her copy of the film.

With marketing like this, who needs enemies?

For those who do not wish to squint, the text is identical to a user review on imdb (bottom of the page here), helpfully titled "One of the worst all-time Hindi movies ever." Happy Monday, everyone! I hope your day reaches at least one out of four.


Vishal said…
Ajooba and Jaadugar in the same box?

Oh my. That's some fine Bachchan cheese right there, yessir.
Anirban said…
At least that blurb makes me want to see the movie (for all the wrong reasons). Some of the synopses on Netflix are particularly scathing. Of course the vast majority either make no sense or give away all but the last 10 minutes of the movie.
Vishal - I must see Jaadugar. Also please pat me on the head for being able to translate that title without looking!

I want to know more about the Bad Bachchan Years.

Anirban - You MUST see Ajooba! If you can make your way through my epic last post on it, I hope you'll be convinced. Short version: it is 70s masala awesome but curiously made too late and with wackadoodle ineffective special effects :)
Anarchivist said…
"Ajooba hangover...I don't want to get over!"
Liesie said…
Well, now I have to see it ... c",)
memsaab said…
Yeah, that pretty much cements my need to see this :)

Indian marketing, it is crazy. I have several dvds with similar reviews on the packaging :)
Anonymous said…
I remember going to a Christmas party and watching this movie with other kids who shouted themselves hoarse cheering for Amitabh and the dolphin!

There was this background score with people shouting 'Ajooobaah' very excitedly before an impending fight and my heart went in a tizzy(in my defence,I was 8 and in love with Amitabh after all :) )

Great read :)
Tady Rox! said…
LMAO!!! That review was AWESOME!!!

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