update on Striker watchalong plans

People with more tech savvy than I have recommended we use Google Wave for the watchalong. So: get yourself on to Google Wave! If you need an invite, let me know, though I only have seven left and we might need to have other people do some inviting too.

I am also trying to organize information about the watchalong on twitter with the hashtag #strikerwatchalong. Even if you don't use twitter, go to http://search.twitter.com/search?q=%23strikerwatchalong to find out the latest about the plans. Also, very helpful souls like @rhilex have put info about the availability of Wave invites there.

Our plans have been re-tweeted by Jitesh Pillaai, the editor of Filmfare! This is so exciting, everybody! Yay!


Rutu said…
Please send me on of ur seven invitees @ zadbuke.ruturaj@gmail.com
I have some invites for Google Wave if anyone needs them. :)
Lulu said…
@rossywar I'd love an invite if you could spare one. My e-mail is sweetlovepop at gmail dot com. c:
irene_j_nexica said…
I may also have invites- Beth, would you be able to holler at me if there's need?
Bala said…
People needing gwave invites , contact me :D I have umpteen invites (16 to be exact) that I haven't been able to get rid off.And oh, wouldn't really advice gwave if you are planning to use it for the first time during your watchalong , it takes some time to get used to .
Amrita said…
this is a conspiracy to get me on:

1. Twitter
2. Gwave

They're the last two steps to finally admitting that I am less of a person than an internet persona. :(
Bala said…
@Amrita : Thought having a blog did that :D
Shellie said…
Sure hope the familly lets me have the time to watch this with everyone! Can't wait!
grrlpretty said…
I am with Bala, I have many, many Wave invites if you need one! Can't wait until Sunday!
dononsense said…
i have seen stiker it is good watchable movie.


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