Look what came in the mail!

Between this amazing vintage Sharmeelee poster and an SRK-emblazoned package of pens (thanks, Irene!), the postal service is my new best friend. Eee!


veracious said…
Hooray for filmi-based home decoration. :)
memsaab said…
Shellie said…
Nice! I love getting fun stuff in the mail! Yesterday i received a vintage poster calendar from a "secret" friend. Made my day!
Ellie said…
Oooh hooray, it came!
Its so gorgeous! Love it Beth!
Freaky! I was JUST talking about Sharmilee yesterday!
Shalini said…
Ooh, that's pretty! I picked up a Bollywood calendar from the Simithsonian earlier this year and the posters are just fabulous.

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