much-needed mid-week giggle

From Indie Quill:
"That’s right. A photograph in which Mithun is the most restrained person."

Mother of Mimoh, those are some jackets!


Rum said…
Call me a nustso but I love Amitabh's garish jacket! Who is that next to him Jayapradha or Shoma Anand? But that jacket she's wearing UGGHH but the upturned hair takes the cake!
lapetitediva said…
I do like Amitabh's jacket. I would seriously wear it. I wouldn't look particularly good in it, but I'd wear it ;)
Rum - I think Amrita IDs her in the original post. Me, I'm too blinded by the jacket to notice!

lapetitediva - DITTO. It is Sgt. Pepper Goes don't know where, really, but it is pseudo Pepper awesome.
Bollyviewer said…
I have never seen AB look so loud - its hilarious! And the lady with the very very questionable sartorial taste is Jayaprada - current member of the Indian Parliament, who still likes to showcase questionable outfits (check Amrita's post for details!).
Temple said…
well, I think Amitabh's jacket is just a tad lady matador looking. And let's be fair - Mithun may in fact be wearing silver pants and highheeled shoes with wings on and we wouldn't know from this pic. Let's not be hasty in judging him "restrained"
Vinayak Razdan said…
Can't be. This is photoshop work with malicious intent of making great Mithunda look like a lesser star.

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