this week's Cha Cha Cha! Bahut Accha! Award: twinkie edition

Where did I put my overalls?

(Jail Yatra, 1981)
It looks adorable, does it not? And isn't it nice (or cruelly taunting, depending on your taste) of Vinod to restrain his hip thrusts so his trousers don't split open? The oddly-placed pouchy pockets aren't fooling anyone - those things are tight (try :53 on for size). It should be noted that probably only Vinod could dance around in the sunshine in this ensemble without looking like a total schmuck. Thanks to Cindy for the delightful find.


Bollyviewer said…
This song is worth its weight in gold! I loved it when Cindy unearthed it and now that you're re-unearthed it. :-)

My word verification is "slimic" - a reminder that thats what one needs to be in order to do this dance?
YES! One must definitely be slimic to wear that outfit!
desigrl27 said…
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Temple said…
oh. Well. I suppose if I were undecided as to whether the hero should wear pants that were high and tight, or flared, or overalls I might also have designed Vinod's playsuit. I think the detachable pockets may have just been in case of a need for extra fabric to patch a potential fissure in a too tight seam.
My verification word is urien. As in you would need an urienologist (graduate of Bollywood Medical School) to give you a bill of health after prancing about in those creations.
Anarchivist said…
I can tell, "Word Verification" is going to be my new favorite game! I came to post a comment mostly to see what my word would be, and it's "hompte." Reminding me of the old song "The Humpty Dance," which I am now imagining combined with those overalls. Eek!
Anonymous said…
Ooh I have this movie. Must watch it now instead of doing my work.

Cindy said…
I'm glad you enjoyed this song as much as I did. It definitely deserves an award. Also, thanks for the mention!

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