Another one!

Another wonderful European project planting choreographed dance in a very public place. Wheeee!

The hills are alive with the spirit of picturizations (la lalala)!


Suzanne said…
Love it! What is it about these random outbursts of humanity that make me cry? So much better than the "flash mob."
Shellie said…
This is the third one of these I've seen in the last week or so, but what gets me is that they are all different and all over the world! They totally make me swell with happiness. I just knew life was a musical! So great!
Suzanne - SO WELL SAID! That is what makes them so lovely - they are just such joyful moments of being people.

shell - Yeah! What other ones have you seen? Clearly you and I share an addiction.
Shellie said…
I saw a "musical" take place in a food court about needing napkins and there was one I think at Grand Central Station, but I don't remember the song. Same deal though.
Anonymous said…
Thanks Beth - made me feel so good to watch the video and the spontaneous reaction of the people - confirms that song and dance are such simple pleasures that can be uplifting.

I think at least now some of the critics of indian cinema (all that song and dance routine) will understand why we Indians consider this as part of our daily dose!


Tamara said…
Ohmygosh!! It's my dream world of a musical come to life! If you find more of these videos, you must send them to me. I want to live in a world where spontaneous outbursts of song and dance are greeted with such enthusiasm!

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