Shashi Week: early years eye-candy

Launching Shashi Week: a fashion parade of preppy, mod, twenty-something Shashi! The perfect wave of hair over his forehead. Jackets. Skinny ties. Polo shirts - with the collar up, if you're lucky. Whatever ishtyle was needed by the sassy, good-hearted, clean-cut lover boy to Shammi-shimmy, self-assuredly flirt, lounge dreamily in a flower garden, dishoom the villain, or defend Hindustan. There are a lot of juvenile antics, sweet smiles, and puppy dog eyes throughout the 1960s, but with such an early start in parallel and international cinema, the Shash of All Trades is already stretching his range into more complex characters and more subtle portrayals.

But I digress: right now we're just focusing on the pastels and pegged trousers of fabness.

Some treats from the DVD extras on The Householder (1963):

Aww! Cho chweet!

Next up: the 70s. Masala style zindabad!


Ohhhh Maar daala!

Shashi is so so camp in all his "punnnjabbi boy" hotness!

re.. the householder... Leela Naidu was such an ethereal beauty. Well spoken to boot!
Anonymous said…
You should see Dharmputra (1960)---I think his first "grownup" role, and he (and it) is really good.

Kiran - Agreed all 'round! :)

Memsaab - I have it but haven't seen it yet - perhaps I should prioritize it for this week!
I cant beleive I got misty-eyed- he is so cute in the last 3 pix, I couldnt help it.
I love that u have a bunch of shots from Pyar Kiye Jaa- I love that movie.

My verification word is "reste"- "rest in Greek"? or a pun on Monday morning? :D
gebruss said…
A feast for the eyes. And much needed after a day of trying to catalogue obscure guidebooks to obscurer places in France.

I am around on Sunday if you want company for Dharmputra. :-)
Anonymous said…
TO DIE!!!!

This is probably my favorite blog post of all time.
Shweta - Dil squish! There's so much adorableness to be had here, and I've only scratched the surface. Get ready to melt tomorrow!

I too love Pyaar Kiye Jaa - definitely among my favorites, and just so visually pleasing.

As for "reste," I think you were being taunted.

gebruss - Ugh yes, Shashi will cure whatever ails you. Sunday sounds good :)

Amrita - Yay!!! But wait, there's more! :)
I second Amrita - except I believe MY favorite blog post of all time will be the masala zindabad one. :)
nitesh said…
Well, truly..all hail Beth Loves Bollywood..loved the post.
Anonymous said…
OMG - so much eye-candy! The BEST way to start a Monday (or any other day). Thanks Beth! I second Amrita - this is going to be my favorite blog-post of all times. :-D
Pitu said…
Hubba Hubba Hubba!!
Nicki said…
OMG, love all the screen caps. He is so handsome!

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