This movie is the suck to the extreme. The only applicable-to-the-whole-movie positive thing I can say about it is that it gave me a chance to use my current favorite of Indie Quill's wordsmithery - i.e., "the suck to the extreme." I can't remember being less interested in what's going on in a story. Hours of film are wasted on the pursuit of an unlovable, thankless old fart - and astonishingly I am talking about Hema Malini, that's how bad this script is. How frustrating that the garam garam poet with a good sense of humor (have you ever met one of those? nor have I) should waste his energies on this dumb dull dud whom he somehow sees as a dreamgirl. Thank heavens I watched it with Memsaab, who with her usual aplomb has written it up and documented the few non-awful bits of it with some good screen caps. As she will tell you in more detail, Dharmendra gets a few good gags, and the setting in a girls' college provides some refreshingly charming-in-a-realistic-way background characters. Though my enthusiasm for this movie is nil and I cannot be arsed to write anything else about it, I'm really glad Memsaab could, because the innocents must be warned.

So do read what she has to say - and then banish this snoozefest from taking up any real estate in your brain. Unless you want my DVD of it (free to the first taker!), in which case, I warned you.


Anonymous said…
You know, it was the ANTITHESIS of the filmi Curse of the Second Half. It suffered from the Curse of the First Three Quarters, but the last quarter was okay...once Hema stopped sucking on lemons (and got offscreen), and Garam Dharam got to show off his comedy chops.
I'm about to say that same thing about Thoda Pyaar Thoda Magic! :)
veracious said…
You guys! *stomps foot*

I really liked Dillagi (cutesy harmless romcom, with emphasis on rom rather than com!) and I *love* Thoda Pyaar..

*crawls back to her hole*
sanjay saini said…
Hi Beth....dont mind...but I dont know in what state of mind you watched this one...its surely not that bad...I like your views but this one...it sounds...you were writing with full rage...I advise you watch it one more time...maybe you would like to update your post afterwards...

ajnabi said…
Hmmmm, I'll probably avoid this unless veracious does a really convincing post on why I should give it a chance, but I'm definitely trying TPTM.
veracious - Really? I can't quite call this harmless because I felt like it wasted some cute potential. I had thought it would be sort of calm but full of joys and laughs like the Hrishikesh Mukherjee movies I've seen and was really let down. Then again, I also chose this because of the year and who was in it, so it's not like I made an informed decision about the director or having heard interesting discussion of it. Serves me right.

Sanjay - I don't mind! :) To each their own. I don't know, I was really unengaged with this one, so it would take a lot for me to try it again anytime soon.

Ajnabi - Wise choice ;)
Harsh said…
I really liked this one. It has a very under-stated humour, like in most of other Basu chatterjee films..

Surprising you didnt like it. But i guess as u said, Different people.. different perceptions...
Anonymous said…
Jeebus, how many fricking Dillagis are there anyway? I thought for a second that you meant the Sunny Deol directorial debut thingy which was horrendous and fully deserving of the Golden Teat Award (for movies that like to suck, obvs) but I see you meant the Deols senior.
Harsh - That's somehow the vibe I had from it when I bought it (not knowing anything about it), but it just didn't work for me. Yawn!

Amrita - You have spared me ever watching such a thing! Why do people think they can direct?

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