A squealing thank you to Aspi for sending me this clip of the look-alike special of the tv show Boogie Woogie. "Shashi" and "Amitabh" dance to "Jaanu Meri Jaan" from Shaan (about 5 minutes in). It's so fun! The Shashi hair, head wobbles, flailing arms, and scrunchy jaw-line wild grin are perfect, and I agree with Aspi that the dancer nailed Shashi's "jerky sashay" (which henceforward, in the assemblage-loving wordplay style of this blog, shall be called "Shashay," or possibly "Shashé" if he is in a very dandy role).

Earlier in the clip, I also enjoyed "Salman"'s gigantic shoes and side-to-side step-aerobics moves.

Aside to "Shashi": would you like an unpaid job hanging out in my living room and dancing along to movies and occasionally doing intense dramatic interpretations of the cultural tribulations of the firangi ladki/Hindustani ladka relationship (cf. Merchant/Ivory/Jhabvala) and venturing down a mine shaft to save stranded workers? You would? Swell!


Cindy said…
Awesome. That really was spot-on.
Stella_1 said…
so funny, they really look like shashi and amitabh!
Anonymous said…
This is hilarious! The AB-Shashi duo and Salman were so convincing.
Banno said…
Loved the 'Sashay'. He really had it bang on, even the lower lip pout. Please do give him the job. But once you do, don't forget to keep us posted.
Rum said…
Honestly these two guys are superb! the shashay was brilliant, though the beginning salman impression guy was great with swinging his hands and fugly hair that salman has!
Temple said…
Shashay yay! Thanks so much for sharing this clip - I laughed and laughed :D
The omission from "Shahrukh" from all of our comments makes me assume that you feel as I did, that the SRK guy really could have been better. I felt like I was watching Shahid Kapoor pre-Jab We Met.

Did anyone explore all the other clips? I'm so amused by the idea of Sunny and Bobby Deol here.

Banno - Yeah! The guy had everything in the mouth/chin area just right, especially how Shashi's chin gets super scrunchy when he smiles in certain ways or pulls his head back in surprise. It's such a weird morph, and he does it so well.

If he takes the job, you will certainly be updated. How could I not document such an experience?!?
Anonymous said…
Hilarious...yeh, the SRK one was the weakest, but he was still fun. He did the SRK-speak pretty well though!
Silent Melody said…
Hey Beth, though not related to this post just wanted to give you this link

Just came across it..It is the first english song in a south indian movie that I have heard..Totally Masala and totally groovy and funny...Have fun!
this is plain scary- I read ur post after posting on Shashitabh this morning- similar thought planes or whut?!
OMG the Shashitabh juniors are amazingly hilarious. Can we rent them for parties and weddings?! I love 'em! (Dibs on "Shashi" for tea, too!)

Temple said…
Hi Bth - the SRK guy was OK but he just did the basic reognisable moves and didn't really inject the personality into his routine. I enjoyed the Salman and the Shashitabh so much more because they really went for it and played as caricatures rather than attempting to be credible, and so I could laugh rather than cringe. I dunno. I guess it's like Elvis impersonators. Not for everyone.
red42 said…
Oh my - thanks for posting this. Shashitabh were so awesome - they really did nail it didn't they!
Anonymous said…
hahaha Hillarious clip! Thanks for sharing.
Anonymous said…
I loved this! Yep, SRK didn't really look like him, either. Slightly, but as someone above said, lacked the charisma.

Wow, I've only seen a couple Shashi films (Don't shoot!) and I could even tell this guy nailed it.

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