OMG I totully get that Tashan is gonna b hip n hott n awsumz but y wont u spll properli?

It makz u look dumz.


theBollywoodFan said…
LOL, I agree.

Of course, this has mostly to do with the inclination to sound cool and appealing through an affinity for a linguistic style (tashan) that is accepted as a funda (mannerism) that is hip, especially in contemporary societies in India. Words like tashan and funda are popular across the Indian college student community. Ishtyle, Ishtory, and Ishtars are considered hip pronunciations for style, story and stars respectively. The roots of these lie largely in the Bombay underworld, which is, for better or worse, glorified in the movies. The Munnabhai film series used similar lingo in a refreshing sense.

I am still amazed at how frequently some of us use fotos, muzik, trailerz, dis (instead of this), dat, etc. as acceptable e-mail and instant message words. I don't like them, but I appreciate where the filmmakers are going with this, given the primary target audience.
ggop said…
What next? Dialogues in SMS ese?
Or subtitles :-)

Its a malaise I tell you. I often shudder reading email from the under 25 crowd in India.
theBollywoodFan said…
Seriously, ggop. That film production houses feel the need to go to that extent to differentiate their products from those of their counterparts is just a reflection of society, is it not?
veracious said…
God bless creative spelling. But then, who's more biased than me regarding this movie?
I'm not sure how I feel about appealing to the SMS lowest common grammatical/writing denominator. I sort of hate it, but I also understand (and enjoy) that language is an ever-changing medium etc. I also understand that abbreviations have their place when one is typing on tiny keys or using a number pad, but otherwise they grate. I think of them as a tool that has certain understandable and reasonable but very limited uses. I wonder if the promotional use of these terms is winking or sincere? Personally I like winking humor, but earnest use in a very professional context when your audience is not solely 17-year-olds is questionable. I'm certainly glad it's not my decision to make.

That said, I do enjoy LOLcats because I've always assumed they're sarcastic - if perhaps played out by now. The genius thing about them is that the text is so contained and constrained: it's not paragraphs, just a sentence at most. I've often considered some filmi LOL captions. On my post about a Tashan outfit at Bollywood Fugly, maybe I should have written: "Suspenderz: ur doin it wrong."
Banno said…
i knowz. it sux.
Memsaab said…
I hate this whole SMS speak. Or LOL speak. Whatever. It annoys me everywhere. I am glad I am old :-)
Yay old!

Recently I was chatting with a colleague who has just graduated from college. We were talking about music and without thinking I said "I remember that song from college. Lord I'm old." He replied "How old are you?" I said "33" and he said "OMG, no way, I thought you were like 27 - you're so lively."
theBollywoodFan said…
You know, it's funny, the timing of this discussion. The Times of India had this article on a very closely related subject. Here's my take.
Anonymous said…
This is what happens when fogies gang up with the clueless to try and act all hip. On the other hand, at least they didn't call it "Teh Ishtory" or "Teh Muzak" and substitute cute kitties instead of the stars. OMG, somebody with photoshop skillz should do that!

I have some photoship skills! I'll try it :)
rofl- im glad i am hitting the "wow still so lively" age soon.
I wonder if I will be more or less lively....:D
Anonymous said…
Looks like they ishpelt "the Phenz" wrong .. tut tut .. at least be consistent :-P
Anne O'Nymous said…
They could have hired a grammarian to explain how dumb this would look in two years. Instead, the money was spent on hooking up Kareena Kapoor with Cher's surgeons so she could have a few ribs removed. Either that, or the money was used to keep her locked in a gym with cocaine and fierce bodyguards who would not feed her or let her off the cardio machines for a few months.

(filing down points of eyeteeth...)
Shweta, I have every confidence you will remain lively.

-ramchandra- - Brilliant!

Anne - Leave the teeth! I like them! But please never compare my beloved Bebo to Cher ever again. Ewwwww. But anyway, yeah, everyone should get to eat, especially when they dance for part of their livelihood.
plutosangel said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
plutosangel said…
our blogs have a lot in common
Anu said…
OMG LOL! i'm watching the movie this weekend and I cannot stop lol-ing in anticipation. dis moviez gonna be godawful (i cant think of a totally cool word for that).
I still haven't seen it. And if the "godawful" shoe fits, I say wear it! :)

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