Beth loves books, too

My "to read" stack of books has become completely unwieldy. Novels people lent me almost a year ago, a really interesting-looking nonfiction on the history of spices, four books on Bollywood...all untouched. Dusty, even. Verrrry bad.

I love to read, and I'm not sure why I haven't been doing much of it lately - certainly not from a lack of material. I can't really blame all of that on the television, but it's the major distraction, so after I watch Bandit Queen this weekend (which I borrowed from someone so I have to return it soon), that foul temptation is banished for at least one whole week - which means no movies either, unless Dhoom 2 appears out of nowhere at the local art theater. Which could happen. This is going to be extra tricky given that I'm going to Chicago's Indian neighborhood today and tomorrow, where the shopping is plentiful and easy. Movies will certainly return soon - Abby and I are thinking of having a Bollywood sleepover over MLK long weekend - but something is keeping me from a hobby I truly enjoy and value, and I need to re-set a few things to get elements of life into a more fulfilling order.

But there is another little project in progress that might interest some of you (although it's not movie-related): I am finally putting up all of my pictures from my trip to India. I'm working on tagging and describing them, and not all are up yet; as of this writing, I had done most of the photos from Agra, Ahmedabad/Gujarat, and Amritsar/Punjab (see the theme here?). I'm trying to avoid duplicating the movie-related photos, since they were already up. At some point I'm going to research about as many of the buildings in my photos as I can - I looooove buildings.


Maja said…
*bookmarks the Flickr*
I have so many projects planned too (OK, one project - moving my blog to beta and tagging the old posts) and I just never seem to manage to get round to it ...
I have the same problem with reading, I used to read ALL the time, but for the last year or so, TV and the internet seem to be taking over. Not good. I am reading an interesting book about Bollywood now, though :)
Anonymous said…
Awesome pics, Beth. Did you consider using Picasa? This software makes it very easy to organize, tag and upload photos to web. I find it extremely simple to use. Can't believe they are giving that software away for free!
Anonymous said…
Beth -- you probably already knew this but as you mentioned Chicago's Indian neighborhood, I figured you (like me) are a Chicagoan. Did you know that the AMC South Barrington 30 shows Bollywood films? Yeah, it's kind of a trek out there, I know. But they had Dhoom:2 a month or so ago, which I would have been all over if I hadn't seen it premier (by chance!) in London.
Hey Twisted DNA - Picasa doesn't work thoroughly with Macs, so that's a no-go with me. Plus I do truly love flickr.

KG - I'm in Champaign (although I spent a misguied 18 months in Palatine), but I head up to Chicago every other month or so. But believe it or not, I haven't made it out to Barrington! It's on my list. I keep thinking we should all organize an outing....

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