we always hurt the ones we love; or, a turkey a day early

So awhile back I was on MTV Desi's "The Big Picture" to talk about Aap Ki Khatir. My handler was off that week so I had to get ready for the show all on my own, and since it was on an MTV channel, I figured, hey, why not do what all the American kids - and that Britney Spears girl's husband, he seems happenin' - seem to do these days: put on something vaguely hip-hop and an I'm-so-cool-that-I'm-bored attitude. Voila!

The all-white and the chains and the Caesar hair are all that and a bag of magic masala chips, na?

I know Beth has a new outlet for her opinions on what I wear and all, but I figured since she doesn't even have cable,* she'd never spot this one. Anyway, what does she know about being a movie star making promotional apperances? Nada.

It pains me that because of this outfit I can actually compare him to Britney's ex (and well played, Britney, actually).** He looks like a Saturday Night Live parody of George Clooney prepping for some kind of detective-going-undercover-as-a-hip-hop-producer role.

More thoughts on the actual content of the interview to follow. This was just too jarring and distressing not to share right away.

*So much of thanks to filmiholic for sending me a DVD of the interview!

** Last year Melina named our Thanksgiving turkey "Kevin Federline" because that pop marriage was going to last, unlike Nick and Jessica's, who had broken up that very day.


Anonymous said…
LOL!! I feel your pain Beth. He looks so desperately uncool. I love how his sprawl is so self-conscious.

On the brighter side, there is something rather endearing about a guy who'll wear that and sit like that in an attempt to look cool, no? Actually, I think seeing this has made me like your boyfriend! You might want to watch out. LOL!!!
Anonymous said…
I think that him and Priyanka were shooting that Aap Ki Khatir remix music video while this interview took place, cause those sets were in that video. That's why he's wearing that oufit. In fact I found his outfit funny, he must be thinking in his mind two things based on that pic a) I made a huge mistake signing this movie or
b) Please get me outta that ridiculous outfit- you see my pain huh?

You might wanna see the video :)

dg - doesn't he though? It's painful. And yeah, he's a trooper.

icy - you are a genius! I would never have thought to associate the outfit with a video. Great idea. He looks completely pained in the video when he is lip-synching to HR going "ohhhhhh." I'm not sure my FPMBF is the best lip-syncher out there, I admit. I'm so curious about the movie - I haven't gotten around to watching it yet.
Anonymous said…
The movie is on you tube, just type in Aap Ki Khatir- and you'll see a bunch of different parts like 1, 2, 3, etc.
babasko said…
something to ease your pain. the salaam-e-ishq title song promo

you tube
Anonymous said…
Also look at the website www.salaam-e-ishq.com
akshayefan said…
Can you post the video somewhere Beth ?Please.

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