signed, sealed, delivered

In the mail this weekend I received a nicely designed and very academic-looking newsletter from the University of Chicago South Asian Studies Center, the lovely and whip-smart folks who organized our pre-Fulbright seminar orientation this summer.

Now look how the newsletter was addressed.

Somebody, somewhere, likes me.


Aparna said…
Wow! You go girl...
Anonymous said…
Awesome!!! :-)
babasko said…
way too cool.

but then. what else should they have been writing. there academic wizzes so they bound to report only the facts ;-)
Anonymous said…
Oh that I too may ascend to your heights!
michael said…
king khan
rajini superstar
universal hero kamal
beth bollywood superstar

nice ones in a row, isn't it :)
Anonymous said…
the academic world recognizes your fabulous bollywood self? awesome! :D
Maja said…
Aww, that is too cool! :D
Anonymous said…
That is great!

Can I have an autograph please!
Indianoguy said…
Whaaat? Noooooooooooooooooo!, those titles are meant for Indians, not for white folks.... :)
2020 said…
Heh. It's kismet!
Ha! Let's hope it implies "Bollywood superstar journalist" or something similarly appropriate.

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