C'mon, the other two guys from DCH sell all sorts of crap!

Finally. If you want to see my movie-related pictures from India, go here. There are many, many of them. They're mostly of movie posters or ads featuring movie stars. No Akshaye, though. Not a one. I think I have one Akshaye-related photo. I'll tell myself his lack of advertising contracts is because he has principles, but I doubt that's actually the reason. Notation is minimal and in process. I keep saying I'm going to make some grand captioned posts but...yeah, well, there's a lot going on these days, so not yet.

I also have a magazine with a really elaborate Aamir Khan ad for cars, in which he is posing as various people - or maybe the same person in different outfits? - using the car - as businessman, as happy family man, etc. I should scan that. When you come from a culture in which the biggest movie stars do not lend their visual image to advertisements in the country, it's a little jarring to see your much-beloved filmi friends selling stuff. My initial reaction was "how tacky!" but I don't know why I thought that; anyway, I got over it and was delighted at how often I saw familiar faces.

On an unrelated note: do you ever have moments that are just so very happy, so truly, wholeheartedly happy, that the only possible means of expressing them are Bollywoody? They don't have to be huge, complex, life-changing things; they can be small things, but their impact is pure goodness. It may be tempting fate to say so, but somehow two such joys came my way yesterday, both unexpectedly. I suppose I might be accused of being too excitable, but this (and you have to imagine the high-pitched squeal that he does in this scene)

is how I felt. (I know I just used this one, but since my hard drive was replaced in June, I don't have any better pictures of glee - and this one is quite good.) Some things can only be described as superwow, you know?

Update, Sunday, August 27: and an 11:00 a.m. showing of KANK on September 16 makes three, three little superwows in as many days! Bollytastic!


Maja said…
I love the pictures. That's exactly what I'd bring home as well, a bunch of pictures of movie posters and ads with film stars. And I'd probably feel compelled to collect all the different flavours of Saif-chips, even though I don't even like special flavoured chips, just plain salty ones.
I have no idea who the famous actor was, but I'm sure someone else will know!

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