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I can't believe how much Bollywood I've already encountered. Aish on a Coke sign at a roadside snack bar. Our tour guide loves SRK and DDLJ. A truck on the highway was emblazoned with photos of various stars, including Salman (who perhaps helps with overtaking?). SRK was on the front page of the Times of India. I saw at least three different movies on tv this morning and recognized a bunch of actors. Musak versions of things I recognize were playing at breakfast in the hotel. Very helpful in feeling right at home, I must say. Maybe that's silly, but it's true! Wonder what my first Akshaye sighting will be? Also I watched most of Iqbal on the plane and cried and cried and cried, huddled under my airplane blanket, sniffling away and wiping my tears on my sleeve. My emotions have been all over the place lately and I think I must have really needed an outlet with something familiar - after all, I don't really know my fellow travelers quite well enough to have them see

next post: live from India!

Okay, this is it, off I go. Tomorrow I fly to Chicago for orientation, then Thursday we go to Delhi. Hurrah! But I'm already sad about leaving my friends here (which includes you, even though most of you don't live here) - but already happy about meeting friends there. Please please write, even if I can't write back much, and look for updates on bethgoestoindia dot blogspot dot com.

Naseeruddin Shah and Harrison Ford on the same plane!

Behold! A list of the movies shown on my flight to India! I'll watch any of the Indian ones, but obviously I am most delighted at getting to see Abhishek - and perform my dance routine to "Sabse Bada Rupaiyya" for the whole plane (where am I going to put all those bakckup dancers?) - en route.

Bollywood and the Indian unconscious

Everyone go here and listen to Kamla Bhatt's interview with Dr. Salman Akhtar on Bollywood and the Indian unconscious. A psychologist and psychoanalyst, Dr. Akhtar discusses the connection between the very sophisticated and nuanced culture of India with the exaggerated, silly world of Bollywood. He argues that on the surface, the resonance of Bollywood within this culture doesn't seem to make a lot of sense, so he wonders what might be going on underneath, unconsciously, both for individuals and the larger collective society.

Let's just call this post "masala" and be done with it, okay?

Alright. I know my recent posts have been everything but writeups of what I've watched, mostly because I am running around getting ready for my trip and spending my evenings with my friends instead of film stars (Akshaye is pretty sad about this, let me tell you). But I have in fact watched two new movies lately, although with the return to California of my laptop, it's hard to find time to write them up. So while there will be no proper responses as such, let it be added to the record that I watched my first Satyajit Ray film, Shatranj Ke Khilari , which left me with a feeling of "hmmm...I'm not quite sure I totally got that, although it was certainly interesting" (and I really liked the Monty Python-esque animation and was muchly satisfied by narration from the Big B) (and if I had had its imdb entry handy while watching I would have been on the lookout for a young Farida Jalal). Water finally made it to our art theater last week, so I saw that too. My thoughts

Shall we solve this with a dance number?

A bit of a meta- and inside joke- post. Not really even a post. Just a giggle, courtesy of liebling Michael .

Dear SEL: more B&B, less KHNH!

It's a lay-it-on-the-line kind of day here at Beth Loves Bollywood. So, bearing that in mind, as well as the fact that I can't understand any of the non-English, here are my thoughts on the KANK soundtrack. This is my first music review, I think. Thanks to Totally Basmatic for the idea (and maybe somebody else suggested I do it? I can't remember, and I v sorry to whoever that was). Overall I feel enh. Nothing in here grabs me, although I have a feeling that one of them will grow on me (more on that later). "Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna" - Makes me think of "Kal Ho Naa Ho." I know this is exactly what TB said but she's right. Snooze. "Mitwa" - Again, enh. I have nothing in particular to say about this. It does a bit remind me of "Jaane Kyon" from Dil Chahta Hai . "Where's The Party Tonight" - The best thing about this, as TB points out, is that it sounds like it's about nachos. Question: in the setting "Do you f

I knew there was a reason I own two copies of the Main Hoon Na soundtrack!

Namely, that yesterday while driving around I was really sad that I didn't have MHN in the car. So I went rummaging around the car, looking for a suitable replacement (as if there is such a thing - pish posh), when voila! There it was! You cannot imagine my happiness. Sometimes only "Chale Jaise Hawayein" will do. So from now on, the rule for favorites is, one copy at home (loaded on to both home and work computers), and one copy in the car. (And yes, if I had an ipod, this wouldn't be a problem, but until they make one with AM radio so that I can have my NPR in the mornings, forget it). Also, my dear laptop had to be sent back to the mothership in Cupertino, California. She should be back today. Logic board problems. Yikes. Update: my computer is still not fixed. The shop called this morning and said ishe was back from California. So I brought her home at lunch but immediately had the same freaking problem I took her in for a week and a half ago - plus some new on

Beth lives Bollywood...sorta

[Note: this is a bad post. The subject surely lends itself to better, but I am v distracted by and worried about my trip - now two weeks away - and have stared and stared at this but just can't figure out how to make it better. Sorry, gentle readers.] So the film shoot with the so-called Bollywood-style dance number was yesterday. There was nothing exceptionally Bollywood about this little scene, although it did feature long-lost lovers, an item-ish fire dancer in very revealing clothes, a guy with a ukele suddenly appearing next ot the couple (anyone with me that this was a vague nod to DDLJ and/or MHN?), and choreo that could roughly be sorted into the "boys vs. girls" category. Very roughly. But we did dance to "One, Two, Three Baby" by Asha Bhosle and Mahendra Kapoor, and, based on how many people I heard humming under their breath, said tune got firmly stuck in the head of all 60 or so people present. If pressed, I'd describe the dance moves as closer

my two great pop cultural loves, together at last

From darling Akshay , a Bollywood take on the Beatles , delightfully like the song from the Gumnaam clip in Ghost World (apparently this has been up for months - I'm so out of it).

George Clooney called. He wants his hair ba...oh never mind

It's an improvement over Shaadi Se Pehle and he looks fantastic. It's not quite at " damn " level - if you start handing those out willy-nilly they lose their meaning - but it will do nicely for now. Motorcycle jackets don't do anything for me, but I'll take whatever non-insane, non-hungover outfits I can get. Thanks to Baba aur Bollywood for the tip and Now Running for the picture. And everyone send happy thoughts my way - my dear laptop, Mrs. Peel (after the Avengers - not, as one person suggested, because she is an Apple) is in the shop and needing help. I'm distraught, mournfully watching the scene in Swades of Shahrukh and his Powerbook.

I still like it better than Salman

Look what I bought on the way home today! Army of Monkeys , recently back from Mumbai, had warned me this was sickly sweet, and I have to agree. As a diet soda drinker, this was a shock to the system. Particularly enjoyable is the stick-on label with nutritional information, telling me that this product does not contain fruit and that it is made in India. Here's to the first of many, whether or not they are endorsed by a muscly star of Mujhse Shaadi Karoge ! Thank you to my friend Kevin, who has reviewed Thums Up for his very cool website Knowledge for Thirst , for alerting me to the availability of Thums Up at one of Chambana's finest international groceries.