I can't believe how much Bollywood I've already encountered. Aish on a Coke sign at a roadside snack bar. Our tour guide loves SRK and DDLJ. A truck on the highway was emblazoned with photos of various stars, including Salman (who perhaps helps with overtaking?). SRK was on the front page of the Times of India. I saw at least three different movies on tv this morning and recognized a bunch of actors. Musak versions of things I recognize were playing at breakfast in the hotel. Very helpful in feeling right at home, I must say. Maybe that's silly, but it's true! Wonder what my first Akshaye sighting will be?

Also I watched most of Iqbal on the plane and cried and cried and cried, huddled under my airplane blanket, sniffling away and wiping my tears on my sleeve. My emotions have been all over the place lately and I think I must have really needed an outlet with something familiar - after all, I don't really know my fellow travelers quite well enough to have them see me in a floor of tears. Not yet, anyway - I'm sure the opportunity will come around again, and probably sooner than I expect. What a wonderful film. I can't wait to see all of it!


Anonymous said…
great to hear from you again.
sounds wonderful.

whats with akshaye :D
Movie Mazaa said…

are u by any chance, planning to visit Kerala?? or wud u limit urself to bollywood and bombay??

nice to know that u r having fun here!
babasko said…
I knew you would love Iqbal. and I love it that you Bollywoodify your trip. Thats so what I would do.
Nisha said…
Ooh! Kerala! That's another place you should visit! Good to see you having loadsa fun out in Bombay! If you see Akshaye in person, whatcha gonna do, girl? If it were me, i'd probably try and kiss him. :P Haha! Keep those entries coming in! ;)
Anonymous said…
Hey Beth!
Glad you made it safe and sound! I look forward to reading all 'bout your travels.
illusory motion said…
When you coming to B'bay so we can meet bollywood ishtyle?
P.S.Enjoy Delhi - it's my home town and much prettier than stinky B'bay where it's raining buckets and flooding everywhere.
Anonymous said…
just found your blog! its wonderful...if you know of any bollywood music blogs please get at me

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