George Clooney called. He wants his hair ba...oh never mind

It's an improvement over Shaadi Se Pehle and he looks fantastic.

It's not quite at "damn" level - if you start handing those out willy-nilly they lose their meaning - but it will do nicely for now. Motorcycle jackets don't do anything for me, but I'll take whatever non-insane, non-hungover outfits I can get. Thanks to Baba aur Bollywood for the tip and Now Running for the picture.

And everyone send happy thoughts my way - my dear laptop, Mrs. Peel (after the Avengers - not, as one person suggested, because she is an Apple) is in the shop and needing help. I'm distraught, mournfully watching the scene in Swades of Shahrukh and his Powerbook.


babasko said…
oh many many happy thoughts from here. I am so feeling with you. my powerbook will have to go for a doctors visit as soon as its new audiocard arrives.
Anonymous said…

Here is wishing a speedy reovery for your laptop. I think there is a viral thing going around with laptops and they appear to be talking to each other and infecting each other....I have had a challenging couple of weeks with my laptop too...

kage said…
Hey Beth,

thanks for the comment on my movie blog. "Genius" associated with anything i create is greatly appreciated! heheh...

But i have to say, I'm surprised that you could follow through with the "Weekend Movie" post. I say so cuz I wrote in "Bombay" lingua-franca... we switch languages every 3-5 seconds back there. Hats off!

And reading through your blog, I couldn't help but smile. You watch more Bollywood movies than I, and I grew up in Bombay! And as an aside, I've met with Rani Mukerji (not that she would remember). Oh and btw, I totally used to toally love Thumbs-Up till Coke bought it and monkeyed with the "recipe".
Hi Kage - Oh dear, confession. I did not in fact follow all of your post, but I enjoyed it anyway and hopped on whatever bits of Hindi I could get. Which are few, but I try! Rani is my favorite actress so I'm a wee bit jealous of your meeting. But only a wee bit, as I have no actual desire to meet a movie star, no matter what imaginary relationships I have going with them. (There's only one, really, so I shouldn't overstate that.)
Maja said…
Oh dear, I'm keeping my fingers crossed for your laptop, Beth, I hope it's all better by now! Mine is not in the best shape either :(

Also, nice picture!

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