next post: live from India!

Okay, this is it, off I go. Tomorrow I fly to Chicago for orientation, then Thursday we go to Delhi. Hurrah! But I'm already sad about leaving my friends here (which includes you, even though most of you don't live here) - but already happy about meeting friends there. Please please write, even if I can't write back much, and look for updates on bethgoestoindia dot blogspot dot com.


Anonymous said…
please, some postcard for me and my blog :)

michael langhans
tingengarten 8
86609 donauwoerth

ill scan it and post it on bollywoodblog dot de, so it will be some postcard for everybody... pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase
Maja said…
Eek omg, you're already on your way! Have a safe trip, good luck with the movies on your flight, and we're looking forward to your first post from India, yay!
Say hello to SRK from me :D *sigh*
babasko said…
I´ll miiiiissssss youuuu!!!

Have fun, be safe and stick to the plan (about fainting in the right direction) when you meet fake-pretend-boyfriend
Anonymous said…
Have fun!! Looking forward to hearing about your adventures...
Anonymous said…
nGive Shahrukh Khan a big kiss from me. He will know who it is coming from.
Lidia said…
I'm so jealous :( But have fun all the same!

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