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your everyday trip to the grocery store

because guests are as gods

Avoid, yaar! a book review of Bollywood Confidential by Sonia Singh

whatever: Kyon Ki

Dil Chahta Hai + Swades + Footloose + gun ≥ Rang De Basanti

radio free Beth Loves Bollywood

What a difference a year makes: happy Bollyversary to me!

truckin' to destiny: Aasha

smashing debut

in a soup! in a soup!

and the winner, pulled randomly out of a pink cowboy hat, is

Seriously, I love Bollywood. See?

Bollyversary update: choose or lose!

if you can't say anything nice...: Dil Ka Rishta


flattery will get you everywhere (or at least posted about)

these occasions must not go by unmarked

because sometimes, it's the time to disco

Bollywood dreams indeed!

because shirts with nonsensical words on them can only solve so many of the world's problems: Salaam Namaste