flattery will get you everywhere (or at least posted about)

I couldn't be more pleased to have discovered that Beth Loves Bollywood is included in News I Like's Top Ten Bollywood Sources (even though I don't understand if "out of the mainstream" means that I come from the mainstream or that I'm outside it)! Merci beaucoup, Mackenzie Chan, for I would have liked your list and found you funny unprompted.


Obi Wan said…
Great! Another celebrity in our midst! I'm honored to be regulat at this blog :-) Congarts!!!
Congrats Beth! I'm so glad that people are noticing your blog!(Coz it's about time.) Excellenté, I say!
Obi Wan said…
I have just noticed that there are a total of 2.5 typos (2 spelling mishtakes and one missing 'a' before 'regular' in my comment! Disgushting I say!
Thanks guys!

And Obi Wan: I know how you feel about grammar - and trust me, I have the same impulses myself - I think the real point is what one says. Grammar is nice, but content is better. : )

And I hardly ever use emoticons but since I can't see you, I have to smile at you that way.

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