Bollyversary update: choose or lose!

People, we have a tie! With about 14 hours left to vote, each song has received the same number of votes. Even for a girl who loves Bollywood, singing, and projects - and Bollywood singing projects! - as much as I do, the idea of learning five songs is kinda overwhelming. It's been suggested that the answer to a tie is a medley, but that involves arranging skills that I have yet to demonstrate.

So tell your friends and make them vote, even if they don't care about Bollywood. For the sake of science, if nothing else.


You know you could have a Bollywood-style singing competition betwee You and Your similar looking non-twin! Then you could accomodate 2 songs!
I love it! That's a truly great solution. My cowboy hat is off to your impressive knowledge of filmy conventions.

Oh! I should add a massive thank you for the whole voting idea! Another genius idea.
Obi Wan said…
With the non-scientific system of voting having failed, let us revert to the most scientific way of making a choice: Take 5 equal sized chits, write the names of the songs on them, and then, pick one blindly!
That'll work!

Trivia fact: I only know what "chit" means because I lived in an uber-English graduate college in Toronto. We wrote chits for the bar or brought guests to dinner. I actually looked it up when I moved in because I had no idea what people were talking about it. That might be the first Hindi word I ever learned! Except for "jungle," that is.
You are most welcome! I'm so glad you like it! Looking forward to hearing you sing! :)

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