Bollywood dreams indeed!

I know this is a completely crap picture

but do you see who is going to be in Chicago in April? More importantly, I am going to see who is in Chicago in April! Sushmita, Preity, and Saif! However, last I checked, neither the venue's website nor the promoters' website listed the show. So I'll try to save the full-on rejoicing for when I have a receipt for tickets. But I am so going. And I already have three people to join me! I'm not sure I can describe how much of an idiot I looked in the store where I saw the poster, jumping up and down, squeaking. I had just bought casettes - yeah, that's right, I'm old school - of the B&B and Rising soundtracks, so I'm sure the dudes running the store already thought I was a nut.

Update February 8: I've had an email from one of the concert promoters. Tickets go on sale tomorrow. Mwa ha ha!

Update March 23: this is the official site for the show. I have ticketst in hand and three people to go with. I don't really know what could make this better!


Obi Wan said…
Cheers to Bollywood nuts like you! Gawd knows we need more of them :-)
I second Obi Wan on that! And I believe in personal choice. So what if you go jumping when you see a tacky Bollywood poster?
Oh no, I have no shame. Just an awareness of the contrast between hyper me and the very quiet, very lethargic-seeming guys who worked at the store. They were polite, but definitely not engaged.
Anonymous said…
I was there! She forgot to mention the frantic clapping. Mr Christmas misses you!!
Anonymous said…
Dude, you get to see my FPMB in person! I'm so jealous/excited!

Also, what's up with Sushmita Sen in that picture? She looks like she's about to catch a piece of popcorn in her mouth or something.
Your FPMBF definitely wins the award for Least Bad Pose in the Poster. I don'tk now what Sush is doing. It ain't the Shakalaka, that's for sure. Do you think the camera caught her in the middle of making a really horrified expression at her belt? Speaking of, I see Preity has gone SW. Good for her. I will never dis Preity. Whatever she does is okay by me.

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