six degrees of Shahrukh Khan

When I was in graduate school in Toronto, I lived in a residence college with 59 other graduate students. One late night, instead of writing theses, a bunch of us sprawled out on the floor with pieces of paper and crayons and made a big chart of how everyone in the college was connected to everyone else. A red line was for established couples, a pink line for people who were rumored to have hooked up temporarily, a green line for people in the same program or doing research together. After counting how many Hindi movies I have seen, I now want to do the same, but just tracking actors and movies. I made a big spreadsheet late last night, writing down what I have seen and who stars in each. The overlap is freaking me out.

Obv could do this with US, British, Australian, whatever movies too, but somehow that doesn't sound fun to me. Anyway, we already have a system for that, thank you Kevin Bacon.


2020 said…
I am one degree (or is it two) from SR%K as a friend of mine knows him well and has hung out with a lot. Anyone wanna touch teh hem of my garment?

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