a brief look at the face of evil, Khanna-ishtyle

After reading the most recent Khanna-o-Rama posts by Indie Quill and So They Dance, a thought occurred to me. It's not perfectly formed, but I just have to share it because I know you will all help refine it. It is, simply, that there might be something very profound going on in this family's oeuvre vis-à-vis the nature of evil as represented in Hindi cinema.

1970s villain:

Almost an automaton of evil: unflinchingly violent, ceaselessly lawless and selfish, no regard for the sanctity of family or the home. Sweaty, swarthy, blood-shot eyes.

2000s villain:
A) Desperate for wealth; attempts to get it by drinking too much, trying to kill his studlier brother, and scheming with a woman who toys with brother's affections.

Okay, that's pretty bad in Bollywood. Bhai-murder is a definite no-no.
B) Desperate for wealth; attempts to get it by scheming with his own lover through dance troupe machinations on a boat.

Khanna beta eventually loses out to Deol beta, aided by the turncoat female, in a sea-faring, spangly mirroring of Mera Gaon Mera Desh.
C) Commitment-phobe.

D) Hypochondriac who doesn't want to dance in public.

E) Fiscally pragmatic and not at all desperate for anything but just sensibly concerned for the long-term health of his town; respect and genuine fondness for his philosophical opponent.

F) Prefers jazz to classic Hindi film songs. Oh the horror!


Liz C said…
Oh, I definitely found Rahul's jazz-loving snob the most frightening (and the most realistic) of these villains!
VLoveMovies said…
I need to watch Aaja Nachle again. Luckily I picked up the DVD last time I was in India.
Amrita said…
Ha, I wanted to do a "Who did it better?" post but I ended up saying "Vinod" all the time except when it came to chilling out, when Rahul won hands down, so I had to leave that idea.

And I have to agree with Liz - Rahul is indeed the worst! He's the only type of Khanna villain I've ever dated. maybe I'd have better luck with murderers and dacoits.
Anonymous said…
Very insightful Beth. The jazz lover is certainly the most dangerous, insidious of the Khanna villians breed. I shudder to think of what type of villian this family could bring about in further evolutions.
All the best!
Nicki said…
Hahaha! So cute!! Yet so cute :)
Pooja said…
Two words: "Oh, Amisha!"
bollyviewer said…
Yup, East or West, Vinod Khanna is the best! (please forgive me for that terrible joke, but I just couldnt resist. :-D)

And I cant believe that everybody is dismissing Rahul as the most evil of the lot coz of his misplaced musical allegiance. The guy has lots of redeeming qualities: (a) he is hot, (b) he is cool, (c) he is handsome (d) go back to (a) again. Surely he can be redeemed from the evil path of jazz by repeated exposure to the good old filmi song? I'll even volunteer for the job - purely in the interests of reclaiming a villain for the greater good of society.
veracious said…
Oh god I don't even want to consider Akshaye's venomous douchebro from Race in the same company as Jabbar from Mera Gaon Mera Desh. But I love the gentler villains of Bros Khanna - jazz-loving & fiscally pragmatic, clearly EVILLLL traits.
Liz - He's getting lots of votes :) Of course, the audience here is stacked against him.

V - I don't love it overall, but there are some choice bits, and damnit if the final big show wasn't effective on my stony heart.

Amrita - Well...yeah, there's no real contest there. Even Vinod's bubble song is better than Akshaye's. Akshaye might win the "fiscally responsible non-villain villain" title though. That role is GREAT.

I don't think I've been involved with any metaphorical Khannas :(

bfc - IKR? Their offspring will prefer kittens to puppies! THE HORROR!

Nicki - Agreed :)

Pooja - Always an appropriate response.

bollyviewer - I personally think a love of jazz is okay. His real problem is that he's a snob, of course. I think there will be many, many people offering him 50s and 60s soundtracks.

veracious - HAHAHAHAHA "douchebro"!!!!! Brilliant! I think we need a film with the Khanna betas as villain bhai! Who could resist the eyes! All would cower in their presence!
rayshma said…
I wish someone would make a movie with all three! As the villain family, maybe. I would buy the DVD. and the poster. And frame the poster and put it up in my room!
Anonymous said…
Neither the sexy Dad Vinod Khanna nor the hot & cool Brother Rahul Khanna can win against the Bollywood finest actor Akshaye Khanna's acting skill in a negative role! There are lots of effective nuances in Akshaye Khanna's acting mannerism! Akshaye Khanna - the supremely talented actor can slip into any roles with aplomb! He is the true and the truest true-blue chameleon!

East or West, Akshaye Khanna is the best as villain! The camera of today loves Akshaye Khanna the most! Periods!
Anonymous said…
I'd check the isp address on the comment above from "Anonymous" since then you will have access to Akshaye's isp! ;)
All the best,

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