But wait! There's more!

(Ganga Jamuna Saraswati, a 1988 Manmohan Desai movie I clearly must see)

I can see it now: it's a quiet morning around the Bachchan family parlor in 1987, and Amitabh wonders out loud, "How should I go about rebuilding my dignity in the public eye after leaving political office in disgrace for corrupt dealings with an arms manufacturer?" 14-year-old Shweta, with a finely honed teenaged taste for sarcasm and finding one's parents hopelessly lame, quips "Well dad, all of my classmates are really into disco and Michael Jackson's Thriller." Add to that a little Manmohan Desai nationalism and taste for pan-India melding, and voilĂ : "Disco Bhangra" with the must-have accessory of 1983.

Wonderful Katrin has given me much in the time I've known her - pink and yellow Shashi pins, a copy of Teesri Manzil, an invitation to Bavaria - but the news of the existence of "Disco Bhangra" may be the best of all.


Sanket Vyas said…
While the song is absolute 80's cheese brilliance you may want to consider a pass on the movie. This one (along with 'Ajooba' & 'Jaaddugar') started Amitji's long artistic slide that was halted with 'Khuda Gawah'. After that he went into a 5 year retirement and emerged with 'Major Saab' and has since never looked back.
Oooh I really want to see Ajooba, no matter how awful it is - I'm just so intrigued!

PS We need a project! :)
Banno said…
Loved the Disco Bhangra. These are the films that we didn't see. They were so bad, it just made one cringe to watch our favourite Amitabh so desperate. But must see it now.
Banno - yeah! yeah yeah yeah! now now now!
nic said…
If there is one song which actually revived Amitabh's fortunes it would be the wildly popular "jumma chumma" song from HUM. Do check it out if you haven't seen it already.
nic said…
heres the link to the song -
nic - thanks for the link! I have never even heard of this song - clearly I have some learning to do.

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