just plain wrong

If I hadn't already been warned by Obi Wan of this phenomenon, I would have dropped my bowl of ice cream when, happily settling in to watch the songs on my new DVD of 36 China Town, a loud preview burst on the screen for...wait for it...WWE wrestling. In Hindi. If I understood correctly, you can buy WWE DVDs in Hindi. Now, I'm all for equal access and all, but why does everyone seem to be dazzled by the very stupidest American popular culture has to offer? Maybe Arrested Development has also been dubbed into Hindi, I don't know. Hope springs eternal. Until it is bodyslammed on the mat of...um.... Yeah, well, I woke up at 4 a.m. and couldn't go back to sleep until after 6, so you'll please excuse me and can submit your own end of that metaphor.


Sheetal said…
Oh my goodness - are you serious?! WWE in Hindi?! I'd love to hear/see it! But nevertheless, how did you enjoy 36 China Town? I absolutely love the song picturized on Upen Patel (Aashiqi mein teri)!
Anonymous said…
there is also famous german elephant benjamin bluemchen available on hindi dvds - its just crazy how some things work and some don't

but as especially southern india prefers fighting sequenzes in movies its the same thing with westling, i suppose.

do they translate the names also :D
Anonymous said…
I'm guessing there's less of a language barrier with WWE than with, say, Arrested Development -- verbal humor doesn't always translate, but big sweaty guys in spandex doing the body-slam are universal!
Sheetal - Totally! Look! It's not in Hindi, but it's definitely for an Indian audience, I'd guess. Or here.

Michael - what on earth are you talking about, my dear? [pause to go look up what Michael is talking about] Oh, a cartoon elephant. That makes more sense.

Cathy - good point. Very good point. It just makes me sad to see people thinking that this kind of crap is all America has to offer. Then again, I'm sure there is similar whining about the popularity of Bollywood, that that's a ridiculous part of Indian culture to love.

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