lunchtime poll #12: research on non-Indian fans of Bollywood

Hello friends. I'm posting a request from a graduate student in Chicago who is doing research on non-Desi fans of Bollywood. If you'd like to participate, keep reading to find a link to her survey and a way to get in touch with her!
 Hi! I need help! I am a huge fan of Indian film (even though I have absolutely no South Asian heritage) and I am trying to write a Masters thesis on people like me, non-Desi fans of Indian film. I am hoping some of the readers here will fit that description and be willing to participate. I created a survey through google forms, you can find it here: 
If you are willing to talk with me by email or skype in a little more detail, or if you have any questions about any of this, you can send me an email at mredlich.depaul [a] 
And even if you don't respond, thanks for listening and participating in this community! I had a great time reading through Beth's old posts and everyone's old comments.
(And if you've wondered why I categorize these posts as "lunchtime poll," click here.) 


Timothy Liebe said…
Does the fact that I recognized both Kareena Kapoor and Rani Mukherji in your site photo help? :) If you know YA and YR writers, it might interest you to hear that not just me, but Tamora Pierce (my wife) and Bruce and Katherine Coville are also Bollywood fans.

Josh Shaine suggested I write you about this....
Timothy - Thanks for stopping by! I hope all of you will fill out the survey for Margaret! :)
Timothy Liebe said…
Just filled it out - hope it helps!
KnittingWallah said…
The link doesn't seem to be working. I'm happy to fill it in if I can!
Hmmm.... Worked for me just now when I copied the link into a browser (it's not clickable in this post). I shrank the url - see if this works The researcher's email address is here too, so maybe she could send you something more directly.
Timothy Liebe said…
I was unhappy that the link wasn't clickable, myself - is there a reason for that?
Timothy - Yes, in that the text was not sent to me formatted to be clickable and I made this post in a hurry while at work. I have now edited it to create a link.
Timothy Liebe said…
And now I see young Bachchan-ji as your cover picture! :) Not sure which film this is from, though....

Just finished watching THE ONE HUNDRED FOOT JOURNEY, a..nice movie about culture clashes and the blending of cultures set in France - which as we know never EVER has any trouble with how it views its non-Caucasian/non-Catholic people, nor how those non-Caucasians/non-Catholics respond to the gentle ribbing of French humor!


You can guess how genuine to Indian culture a movie produced by Stephen Spielberg and Oprah Winfrey, directed by Lasse Hallström, based on a novel by a Portuguese writer raised in Switzerland, starring Englishwoman of Russian Ancestry Dame Helen Mirren as a French restauranteur, is - the Indian family, despite having Muslim names like "Hassan", "Mansur" and "Mahira", is as ecumenically desi as you can get!

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