crying: in response to the NPR Pop Culture Happy Hour podcast, October 18, 2013

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Let's keep this simple: PCHH talked about films, songs, etc., that consistently make them cry. Trey named the scene in Sense and Sensibility in which Emma Thompson loses it, which is my number one choice too. "When somebody has done the right thing and suffered for it and finally is rewarded and there's that sort of eruption, both for the character and the audience, of sadness and joy."

So, filmi friends, what movies make you cry and why? I know I cried during Chak De India in the cinema because those girls had gone through so much and came together so well, both as individuals with their own challenges and as a functioning group of wiser people with a common purpose, plus Shahrukh with the vindication and neighbors who don't hate him anymore, but I don't think I have subsequently. No other titles are coming to mind, but I hope some do if I search my email for "snuffle" and "bawl."

Update to post (October 26): After a good night's sleep I remember three other films that made me cry in the cinema: Stanley Ka Dabba, Taare Zamen Par (I think the Maa song, actually, which is extra pathetic, but in my defense I watched it with my parents, who are both teachers, and they were crying too), and the Farooq Shaikh scenes towards the end of Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewaani


Andrea M. said…
Saathiya and Kal Ho Na Ho never fail to make me cry, because I do always fall for the whole Bollywood melodrama thing.

Non-Bollywood movies - I cried at the end of Miracle because I am a true hockey fan. :)

Unknown said…
When the younger Rajesh Khanna comes back in Aradhana and Sharmila Tagore looks at him with a mixture of emotions and memories... If that makes no sense, you have not seen the movie!
veracious said…
All my reviews on Paa center around the fact I've seen it twice and cried buckets both times. Apparently something about this movie, with its terrific performances (mainly Vidya Balan) not only pushes my buttons, it pushes all of my buttons and pushes the emotional dial into the weepy mess mode. I'm a bit worried about rewatching it again, even though I love it, because I want to always be emotionally moved by it. It's very cathartic. On the 2nd watch, I was pre-crying knowing a certain scene or line was just around the corner. It was seriously strange.

I've also cried in the rain scene of Hum Tum.

Ps. I almost hate to mention this, because I feel like I'm setting up people's expectations for Paa ridiculously high. Suffice to say, crying is a very personal reaction and others may hate this movie and not find it emotionally engaging at all.
Andrea - I bet KHNH would do it to me too. The only reason I don't know for sure is that I only watch "Pretty Woman" and "Mahi Ve."

Unknown - Haven't seen it but I can believe it, based on what I hear. :)

veracious - I love your disclaimer - as I was reading your comment I thought "Really? Paa?" But I haven't seen it - the whole concept of the film put me off because it seems like such an excuse just to stick Amitabh in a different sort of role and then heap praise on him. But clearly you find much more than that in it, so I'll have to go read your review.

You're so right to point out that crying is personal. Some things are commonly held as weepers but I bet we each have a few things that set us off but no one else, due to personal experiences, fears, values, etc. we have that the art in some way evokes.
Unknown said…
Taare Zameen Par.

Cried like a baby.
Unknown said…
My favorite tear-jerkers: Umrao-Jaan (old), Zakhm, Taare Zameen Par, Sharabi - when munshi jee dies. Stanley ka dabba, I think I suffered grief when I watched that movie. Sobbed my heart out.

And I am a sucker for stories with unrequited love so Devdas gets me every damn time.
pi-pu-xi-xu said…
I cried like a baby during Shahid.

Haven't cried that much at a film in ages, really.
Unknown said…
In bollywood movies one that makes me cry is "Mother India".It made me cry the second time i watched it,The moment,"dunia me hum aaye hai toh jeena hi padega" song starts my heart gets filled with tears.In that song Nargis's character is teaching both her children and herself the principle of not quitting.
Andrea M. said…
I did NOT cry at Umrao Jaan. I wanted to throw things at the screen, but I didn't cry.

Chak De India did have me tearing up, as does anything with a patriotic sort of vibe. Not sure why; I think it is a conditioned response.
Anarchivist said…
I can cry just THINKING about KHNH. Also, Veer-Zaara. OMG. It's embarrassing, but true.
Tobi said…
I cried in Devdas when I saw it way back in 2006 but I blame that on pregnancy hormones. I remember my bhabhi looked at me with utter embarrassment!

Now I'm a much tougher cookie but I just finished watching Omkara and got a little teary when poor wide-eyed Kareena copped it.

I watched lots of Hindi movies as a gori newlywed in 2005-6 and then zero until January this year when I needed something to stop me falling asleep at 7pm with my children and found an old dvd of Kal Ho Na Ho. Which I refuse to cry during on principle: it's so freakin emotionally manipulative! (Not judging anyone who does cry during it though: I got misty-eyed watching a particularly poignant segment of Play School the other day, I'm in no position to judge anyone! KHNH just bugs me.)

Maybe I'll try Devdas again: not pregnant this time, but maybe watching it drunk would be the best/most appropriate way to get through it?
Tobi - I feel the need to rewatch the 2002 Devdas sometime soon-ish just to re-educate myself with it, and I will most definitely need drink. Perhaps we should do a misery-loves-company watchalong.

I'm with you on wanting to refuse KHNH the pleasure of making me cry, but to be honest I doubt I could resist during its whole runtime. I could blame it on mourning Preity Zinta's career?
LengelCJ said…
The scene in Luv Shuv Tey Chicken Khurana when the demented grandfather briefly recognizes his prodigal grandson. Partly I think it's because we're set up to think the grandfather's reaction will be anger, so it's a relief to us and to the grandson that Daar ji is pleased to have him back. Partly it's because the sweet moment doesn't last very long. And partly it's personal, as others have mentioned--for me, it prompts memories of my own long-gone grandparents.... WAAAAAHHHHH.

Watching the SRK Devdas produced only tears of rage. Why, Sanjay Leela Bhansali? Why?!?!?

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