Mustache Madness Quiz 2012!

In honor of Movember and the #MouchoPrema Indian Cinema Mustache Appreciation Week, I present you a special mustache-only filmi quiz! Can you identify each of the 5 films below based only on their mustaches?

The collages do not depict all the mustaches in any of the films, and many of the mustaches are fake, either for the film in general or within the film as part of characters' disguises.

They are presented in order from least challenging to most challenging. I apologize for the terrible image quality of #5, but when you find out what it is, you'll understan why it's like that.

Submit your answers by email to me at bethlovesbollywood at gmail dot com. Please do not leave them in the comments of this post—that might accidentally spoil the fun for someone reading after you. The answers, including the collages showing the entire screen shots from which each mustache is taken, will be unveiled the morning of December 1 (IST).








Kanan said…
How exciting!! Just sent in my answers. Despite of all the mooch-love, I suck at this I think.
Kanan, there is NO WAY I could do this quiz, probably not even the "easy" one - and I know with certainty I've seen all the films! :D
veracious said…
I remember going through last year's and finding it fairly easy.. This one, though, phew! No way, mouché!
Anonymous said…
i just wanted to say, your banner is cute!
SAM's CORNER said…
100 years of entertainment .. a small tribute ...!/2013/01/fascinating-reality-over-100-years.html

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