Moucho Prema: 1970s Masala Mustache Quiz!

Just in the nick of time for Movember/Moucho Prema and inspired by the Bollywhat South Indian hero mustache game, here's a Hindi masala film mustache quiz! Each image below is a different Hindi film actor wearing a mustache from film(s) in the 1970s. If the image is a collage, it is of the same actor wearing different mustaches, sometimes in different films, sometimes not.  (Of course you can have more than one mustache in the same film. Where have you been?)

Can you guess each one? All questions are worth 1 point each (with the number of the question below the image), and the bonus questions are worth a whopping 10 points each. The maximum score is thus 40 (20 + 10 + 10). Submit your numbered answers via email to bethlovesbollywood at gmail. The top point-getter wins a prize! Submit by noon on Saturday (GMT -6:00, i.e. US Central time), when I will publish the answers for the edification and delight of all. 

Sorry the file sizes are so inconsistent!

Ready? Go!
# 1

# 2

# 3
# 4

#  5
# 6
# 7

# 8
# 9
# 10
# 11
# 12
# 13
# 14
# 15
# 16
# 17
# 18
# 19
# 20
Bonus 1: name the actor in the image below.
bonus # 1
Bonus 2: name the actor represented in the rubber mask being pulled off in the image below.
bonus # 2


Anonymous said…
i can remember almost all the characters but i've forgotten names of at lest half of them.. will take some time to jog the memory.. excellent exercise.. :)
Oh you don't need to do the characters' names! Just the actors' names. Good luck! :D
Rum said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Rum, I deleted your answers out of the comments so no one could cheat off of you, but they're saved in my email. :)
Kanan said…
Just sent in my answers! Xmas came early this year in form of this post. Thank you, Beth, for all the mooch-love.

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