Cha Cha Cha! Bahut Accha! Award: for the birds edition

Inspired by "Kabootari Bole Kabootar Se" from Suraj, I put heads together with Gunmaster  G9 and the Buddha Smiled to come up with more songs about or featuring pigeons.
As someone who grew up in a small town without any sort of "flying rats"—and a lover of Sesame Street, in which of course Bert is very fond of pigeons—I have never harbored any ill-will towards these jolly-looking, cooing birds, and I enjoy their fluffy, doted-on, and sometimes helpful or venegeful presence in Bollywood songs.

"Masakali" from Delhi 6

"Lucky Kabootar" from Daag

"Kabootar Aaja Aaja Re" from Mangla

"Dil Junglee Kabootar" from Qahar

"Gutur Gutur/Chad Gaya Upar Re" from Dalaal

"Kabootar Ja Ja" from Maine Pyaar Kiya

"Pigeon Kabootar" from Theen Thay Bhai

Versions of "Dil Kabootar Khana Hai" from Bollywood/Hollywood  

"Do Kabootar" from My Friend Pinto

"Kabootar Besharam" from the Bhojpuri film Soutan
Waring: no actual pigeons but lots of cleavage on both genders.

What are your favorites?


Ellie said…
It's not a song, but there is that fight scene from "Maine Pyaar Kiya" where the pigeon remembers that the villain mistreated it, and there is a triple closeup on its angry little eye. That to me is the ultimate kabootar moment. A fabulous collection of songs!
Oooh agree, that scene is in the ranks of the best anipal moments in Hindi cinema.
Carol Juvenil said…
People, we shouldn't talk about the killer pigeon. He's such a bad influence to his fellows!

Since we are remembering scenes,let's not forget the one who loved pigeons more than his gorgeous wife: Shashi in Junoon. And one of my favorite DDLJ's scenes: Shahrukh and Amrish Puri feeding the pigeons and saying "Ao"!

I think Masakali is my favorite, mostly because I love Delhi-6's songs.
zeeniebaby said…
The "Gutur, Gutur" song reminds me of my Chitrahaar watching days. I cringe at the thought that there was a time when we used to sing this song (and other Govinda-Karishma songs with equally dubious lyrics) all the time. There was a mini scandal in my small town when someone on the street got upset that a whole bunch of 14-15 year olds were enthusiastically singing songs full of double entendres on the school bus on our way back from a class picnic. Thankfully, our Principal was a very understanding man but we still had to sit through a very awkward conversation between our parents and teachers (most of whom were nuns and priests). In our defense, the early and mid 90s had nothing better to offer and honestly, we did not understand half the suggestive lyrics anyways.

Wow, the 90s were really the abyss for good taste in Hindi movies.
Anonymous said…
Title song from a film I really really need to see (Bada Kabootar):

And this one from Roshni (1949) is very pretty :)
Carol - Oh YES! Oh Junoon, so intense, so goooooood. Gosh, if we add pigeon scenes, this post will expand tenfold! :)

zeeniebaby - Hee! This is exactly why I wonder what exactly the people who say "There's no sex in Bollywood!" are watching and listening to.

I'm with you on the 90s. That's my "avoid yaar!" era, though I'm trying to learn.

Memsaab - Great finds! And I want to watch Bada Kabootar too - watchalong!
And a few with Nargis at the end of "Jago Mohan Pyare" from Jagte Raho!

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