The 30-Day Bollywood Song Challenge! part 3

21. A difficult song that you wish you could sing
Anything that uses or depends on structures or techniques from classical Indian music is beyond me (all my decades of musical training and experience are western), so much so that I don't even know how to talk intelligently about what I hear—or, more to the point, what strikes me as difficult. Lately the song I love the richness and expressiveness of the voices in "Katiya Karoon" from Rockstar—and have been practicing a lot in my living room. You've been warned.

Shifting the question a bit to voices, I'd love to be able to sing like Rekha Bhardwaj and Vasundhara Das, who both have simple, straightforward, expressive voices I just adore. And some tricky tricks I wish I could do?  R. D. Burman's and Mohammed Rafi's howls and growls!

22. A song that you know you the whole routine and choreography to
It is for the safety and sanity of everyone within eyeshot that the answer to this question is "none."

23. A song that you dedicate to your friends
At the first Pan-European International Bollywood Blogger Meetup in Vienna, so much fun was had with "Kaike Paan Banaraswala" from the 2006 Don that I cannot hear the song without thinking of them. And in honor of the crew of the Boston meetup a few years ago, it's "My Name Is Anthony Gonzalves."

24. A song that no one would expect you to love
 How about "Pyaar Do Pyaar Lo" from Janbaaz? As Tim Gunn might say, "I'm concerned about your taste level."

25. A song that reminds you of your childhood
Anything from the 70s in which people are wearing flared plaid trousers and giant sunglasses! Shashi's leather jacket and big collar in "Mujhse Mera Naam Na Poocho" in Chor Sipahee remind me of the cool dads I knew when I was 6.

26. A song you play when you're happy
"Meri Jane Jana (Oh Baby Don't Break My Heart)" from Mohabbat: mostly I love this one for the picturization. It's just so moppety and sunny and floral and cute! I know I'm biased, but Akshaye is keeping up with Madhuri better than we might expect, isn't he?

27. A song you play when you're sad
This fits under the next category too, but I cannot stay glum in the face of "Good Morning India" from Khushi. Be amazed at this list of smile-provoking ingredients: cornflakes, samosas, corporate sponsorship, "rave" as an adjective, cheerleaders, several modes of transport, and Fardeen Khan (whom I like way more than I should) doing pelvic thrusts.

28. A song that makes you laugh
"Gori Gori" from Main Hoon Na. The slide! The arm fling! The coordinated outfits! Boman! The near-constant shaking!

29. A song that you can relate to
"Bole Sajni Mori Sajni" from Doli Sajna Ke Rakhna. Having very elaborate and dil-squishy dreams about Akshaye Khanna (or some other boy you met in the library)? Nope, I know nothing about that.

30. A favorite song that is picturized on the legend that is Amitabh Bachan
"Aaj Rapat Jaye To Hame Na" from Namak Halal. Or "Pug Ghungru Bandh Meera Nache" (same film). Or "Janu Meri Jaan" from Shaan. Or the title song from Do aur Do Paanch (and its reprise, starting at about 9:55 here). Or "Ae Yaar Sun" from Suhaag.Or "Aaj Thehero Zara Dekho" from Parvarish.

Yes. That one.

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Unknown said…
I enjoyed this challenge back in facebook where you make this challenge as you daily status for the whole month.

I find it funny for your safest answer:
22. A song that you know you the whole routine and choreography to
It is for the safety and sanity of everyone within eyeshot that the answer to this question is "none."
Cinderella said…
wow Great list of 30 days songs. thanks for sharing.
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Anonymous said…
I had fun reading all your answers. :) YOu should do more of this.
pol - I need to go back to the facebook group and look at what other people did!

arwenevenstar - Thanks! And might I add, your recipes look delicious? :)
Akanksha said…
INCREDIBLE BLOG WEBSITE !! I read it till end and found it quite interesting one....Thanks a ton..
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