Bob's Your Uncle: the late, great Bob Christo

Posts from friends and blog-colleagues ("bloleagues"?) in honor of Bob! Everything people send me will be collected here.


dustdevil liz said…
Thanks for organizing this! I'm having a blast reading all of the posts, and bumping a bunch of films up on my netflix/library/induna lists.
Ros Francis said…
Aw man! Life took over my if you see what I mean and I didn't get round to writing my tribute to the website that first introduced me to Bob Christo - Planet Bollybob
Liz - SO much of new things to watch! :D

Ros - HOW COULD I FORGET BOLLYBOB?!!?!? That was the first Bolly website I ever read! I will add it to the list post haste. And if you do get around to writing about Bob/Bollybob, let me know and I will post it here! It's never too late for Bob!
Temple said…
Thanks for organising this Beth! It was fun and I'm having a great time reading all the posts in this list. AND - because of this, I got to watch a really fun film. Bob's a winner :)
Nikhil Kumar said…
Hello Beth,

I don't know if anyone sent you this. I thought this article in Open Magazine, was very touching and gave us a different side of Bob:
Nikhil Kumar said…
I gave the wrong link (that too leads to a piece on Bob, though). Here's the correct and the more heartfelt one: Check issue 29 MAR - 4 APR 2011 in the following link:
Anonymous said…
its really good one .....we are just visiting from

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