youtube spelunking: Rekha + Vinod Khanna

Turns out Rekha and I have the same dream!

"Payara Ek Bangla Ho" from Aap Ki Khatir (Sudhendu Roy, 1977)

Who could ask for anything more than a handsome, snazzily-dressed Khanna showering them with cuddles and cash or a nice drive in the requisite white filmi car through a forest of cheerfully painted trees...and bubbles?


Unknown said…

The Pipe, the vest, the undressing, the kicking of the car door shut. THE VEST! The massage. The non-house-house.MONEY FALLING FROM THE SKY!!!!!! Another vest! Gypsy chic! HAMMOCKS! BELLBOTTOMS AND NON-RAINING UMBRELLA USAGE!

my security word is "Ingla" like "English" a language I really have no command over at 3am.

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