youtube spelunking: Rekha + Jeetendra

Also too easy - and I'm saving Sheshnaag for another time. This one is about 99% Rekha with just a dash of Jeetendra, but it's so disco fabulous that I don't care: blinking lights, sparkly outfits, pew pew laser sounds, and bubbles!

"Aa Mein Gulbadan" from
Locket (Ramesh Ahuja, 1988)
Based on the imdb plot summary, this movie sounds really fun - it's flat-out said in its title that a locket is important, and any fan of vintage masala knows that can't be a bad thing.


Suresh S said…
I saw this movie as a kid and it was reasonably fun.
Unknown said…
yo! how did the bouncer let this dude in! Lol! Seriously though - this makes me realize how bangin' Rekha was back in the day. Can't compete with Helen though :)
roses said…
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desihabits said…
Oh, you mean, 'Locket' as a cultural artifact, the main subject-line of the story?
Suresh - Oh good! I hope I run across it someday.

djash - I know, right? Bouncer was NOT paying attention. :) Rekha is seriously awesome in all ages - but yeah, in a very different way than Helen. Fortunately there's room for both of them!

Soumyaranjan - That's what I get from the plot summary I read. I love how there are so often lockets or tattoos or whatever in the 70s masala films that have long-lost family members - I think it's great someone went ahead and just named a film after that idea! :)

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