youtube spelunking: Rekha + Bindu

Dueling divas? I think so!

"Mehfil Mein Saiyanon Ki" from Khazana (Harmesh Malhotra, 1987)
If this cute song weren't enough, the plot summary on imdb makes this movie look really fun - gangsters, gypsies, caves, and treasure! Rekha's dress is hypnotizing and Bindu's is exactly what I would want to wear if I ever get my chance to sing a torch song on top of a piano - and both are so, so sparkly! And don't you love the groovy backup dancers at 3:50? They look like they're having a blast! The trouble with youtube spelunking is you often have no context for clips or songs, and sometimes this is a great loss. For example, why does Rekha seem to be drunk and what in Helen's green earth is Randhir Kapoor wearing?

Or maybe you like your confrontation a little more traditionally attired (but still with plenty of sparkles! don't worry!):

from Ganga Ki Saugand (Sultan Ahmed, 1978)

With an English "Shut up!" and tight slaps, too!

That one ends on such a down note that it didn't feel right concluding a post with it. I didn't find any more good Rekha + Bindu clips, but, please enjoy this Bindu-appropriate Rekha-starring cabaret number that Temple found. It's even more sparkly!

"Dekho Arre Dilbar" from Pran Jaye Par Vachan Na Jaye (Ali Raza, 1974)
That is one seriously great cabaret song, complete with conspicuous devil-may-care imbibing, a saucy female performer, jeweled tights and other extreme accessories, and a stage so spangled it's a wonder anyone could perform in there without going blind. Vah vah!

Or this drug-fueled, sequined slither from Hawas?

"Aao Yaaro Gao" from Hawas (Saawan Kumar Tak, 1974)

What's that you say? More Rekha cabaret songs? Hmm...since you've been so good, here's one involving more dangly blue beads and an extended risk of wardrobe malfunction.

"Pari Hoon Main" from Chehre Pe Chehra (Raj Tilak, 1981)

That wasn't enough? Okay, okay. One more and then I'm cutting you off. I'm such an enabler.

"Pehle Hum Muskuraye" from Kachcha Chor (Jambu, 1977)
And look who appears at 2:26! She seems seriously miffed to be out-sparkled! And another cabaret-requisite guest at 3:42. It's good to see Rekha in signature gold craziness again. If her headdress weren't enough, that carpet might give Jail Yatra a run for its ugly money.

Oh Rekha. You are in so many amazing-looking films!


svh said…
Incredible spelunking. What treasures. What wardrobe.
memsaab said…
I really need to know where that last song takes place---that room's decor is unbelievable and I've seen it in at least five or six films now, ranging from the late 60s to mid it a set or is it a real place?!

In any case, must see Kachcha Chor. Must.
SVH - They are great, aren't they? The queen of spelunking is my friend Temple - if you follow her at @tea_n_see you can catch some of her gems. The only trouble is sometimes you fall down a black hole and then suddenly realize you've been clicking on links for 2 hours....

memsaab - Good call! It was familiar to me too. Let's hope it's a real place that is still standing so we can go to it! I will wait for you to watch the film before I decide, given my non-love of Randhir Kapoor.
memsaab said…
Jambu directed it and that's good enough for me :D

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