Monday photo fun

A little taste of Karen's amazing archives of vintage Vinod Khanna....

Timberrrr! That's the sound of your Monday productivity biting the dust. Enjoy!


bollyviewer said…
I KNEW hard work always brings rewards, just wasnt aware that it happens so soon! I've been working hard all morning and here is my reward!!! Thank you, Beth. :-D
Amaluu said…
It's the Brawny man! Reminds me of a shirt Kajol wore in her first movie Bekhudi.
Kanan said…
Oh la la! Somebody get a bib for me. :P Beth & Karen, thanks for sharing.

Btw, does the necklace have anything to do with Rajnishji?
karen said…
Glad everyone liked the photo's, thanks for the shoutout Beth!
ajnabi said…
He looks like he should have a big blue ox in the background. Very nice.
I love Karen's galleries! Great idea to link them in here Beth.
All the best!

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