by popular demand: Khanna-o-Rama extended!

Truly! Some folks on twitter were expressing despair that they didn't have enough time to watch the films or write the posts they wanted to by Sunday, so what the heck, let's take another week! As one of them said, "After all, we're celebrating three different people!" And if there is one emotion we hope Khannas do not inspire, it's despair. Unless, like me, you are sad that you will never, ever meet a man with the tweenting sensibilities of Rahul, but I'm over that now.


Anyway, enjoy another week of posts. I probably can't manage one every day through May 16, but the Khannas will certainly continue to be my focus until then. And here's an interesting read: an interview* called "The Uncensored Vinod Khanna" in the Times of India in 2002. Imagining him in a VW Beetle is very amusing, no? I'm somehow picturing that scene in the "22 Short Films about Springfield" episode of The Simpsons in which Nelson teases the very tall man for driving such a small car - or, more evocatively, Rock Hudson** getting stuck in the drunk college boy's teeny car in Pillow Talk, seen at about 3:50.

* I have had this interview bookmarked for a few months and just now noticed it was written by a friend who taught me how to cross a busy Delhi street with the strategy "Say a prayer and just go!"

** Stop thinking about Vinod Khanna and Rock Hudson starring in a movie together! Just stop it!


Ava said…
We share a birthday ! Wow ! A Libran hunk.

I noticed him first in Elaan where he had a negetive role.

He was bound to succeed in films, with that bod and that face and that dimpled chin.
Filmi Girl said…
@avdi You and me both! :) October 6 is a fine day, indeed.
Kanan said…
By golly.. I just might make a post on the Khanna then. Thank you Beth!
harvey said…
Thanks for the interview!
Now I'm all the time thinking of Rock and vinod together!
and I have loads of work to do! Thanks! ;-)

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