And now for something completely different (but still part of Khanna-o-Rama)!

Thanks to youtube's suggested links that popped up on a totally different Akshaye Khanna video, I found the following clip that left my jaw on the floor. I had no idea Akshaye had ever been in any of those big splashy stage shows (fan fail!); if you asked me to predict what songs he might perform to, neither of these would have entered my mind. The first one was delight enough (though do not ask me why he might be wearing the outfit he is for that particular song), but the second one...honestly, it made my life complete. I know that sounds extreme, but just watch and I think you'll understand. As an added bonus, Aamir takes over for Akshaye as Twinkle Khanna's partner in between these two songs (Akshaye's first segment is from the beginning of the video to about 0:40 and his second from 2:30 to the end).

Mother of Mimoh*, was that a mind-blowing surprise! More here.

* "Mother of Mimoh" is one of my fillum-world-specific expressions of surprise. Its origins can be found here (which is appropriate for Khanna-o-Rama too!)


Temple said…
I really have nothing to say about Akshaye, except to wonder at the outfits and why he didn't get a bigger cut fo the bling budget. I am impressed, Beth, that you managed not to use the word "dance" in your post, and so we should all know what not to expect:)
Does anyone else giggle at Aamir aka The Hobbit attempting to perform an Amitabh classic???
ajnabi said…
That video was fun-full, from the opening number to the final rosy card (thanks, Mehboob!). Anything that integrates Disco Dancer into a modern-day star's repertoire is pretty impressive. ;-)
Anarchivist said…
Ha ha ha ha! Made my morning!
Pitu said…
Oh my goodness! Also, Twinkle really cannot dance. And what a bizarre set. If you pause at 2:38, it looks like a cap wearing crazy man is looming over the Z in the stage!

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