announcing Khanna-o-Rama (May 3-9)

2010 is shaping up to be a year of theme weeks. This month it's the Khannas (Vinod, Akshaye, and Rahul) who get to bask in the glow of blog attention, and as usual anyone is welcome to participate! Whether you prefer daku dishoom, emo bubble songs with puppy-dog eyes, or sophisticated twitter wit, this (totally underrated, in my opinion) family offers something for everyone. So far, Filmi Girl, Indie Quill, Old Is Gold, Shahrukh Is Love, So They Dance, and I are on board; please leave your site (or twitter ID) in the comments if you want to promote your Khanna-themed projects too! Keep an eye out for movie reviews, biographical tidbits, song silliness, costume analysis (e.g. from what magical source did Vinod draw his ability to rock white bellbottoms better than anybody else on the planet?), and more, including my response to Rahul's selection for his favorite film of his dad's (I asked him on twitter and he responded! Loooooove!).

Yeah baby!


Rum said…
Count me soooo in on this Khanna-o-Rama! I can't wait to be drooling as i write on Papa Khanna! Twitterid is just rotikapadarum as well!
Liz C said…
Yay! I plan on participating in the comments sections, and I'm getting primed by watching Chandni and rewatching Bollywood/Hollywood (what? it's short, and it is Khanna-o-rama week.)
Ness said…
I am waaaaaay too excited about this. I was explaining the concept of Khanna-O-Rama to my two bemused, non-Bolly watching friends last an Indian restaurant, when I realised the uncle behind the counter was totally listening in and like, fully staring at me. Because he already thinks I am a crazy white girl, now he thinks I am obsessed with Vinod Khanna.

Let's face it: he's not wrong.
veracious said…
Yay! Slightly disappointed in myself, I haven't been able to watch all the films I meant to watch! But oh well, I just woke up to a DM from Rahul Khanna, which has to be a good sign. Bring on Khanna Week!
delhidreams said…
u r incorrigible :D
love u :)
Oh Rum, I am SO glad you're in!

Liz - Oooh I haven't seen Chandni and think Bollywood/Hollywood is a great option - two for one! I used to live in Toronto so any film set there gets points from me.

Ness - That is too awesome. I say, if you have to be thought of as obsessed with a movie star, Vinod Khanna is a pretty great choice. I've never heard anyone say anything bad about him, even if they don't share the pyaaaaaaar. Imagine how much trouble I had explaining to people I met in India a few years ago that my favorite star was AKSHAYE Khanna. They would either say "You mean Akshay Kumar?" (god no) or "Vinod Khanna?" and at that time I, shamefully, had not even seen any Vinod films.

veracious - There's always next year!

Adee - Hee! Glad it's endearing :)
bollyviewer said…
Is it time for Khanna-o-Rama already?!! NAHIIIN!!!! And I havent even seen one Khanna film for ages. :-( Will get cracking on the watching and writing, ASAP. Khanna express, full steam ahead...
Count me in, i've got a few films lined up
Nicki said…
Here's mine. Not that great like everyone else's...

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