My dil goes squish!

Awww! Shammi, Shashi, and Rekha at the Filmfare Awards!

(image from
That was exactly what I needed to get my weekend off on the right foot. Happy Friday, everyone!


Rae said…
And Rekha doesn't look crazy!!
Shashi-ji has lost weight, nahin?
I beleive Shammiji has been feeling rather unwell, and Rekha looks like a dream!
memsaab said…
Rekha is a lucky lucky girl here!
visible... said…
woooow Shashi
Really miss his days...Even Shammi
Ava said…
This is a precious pic. I had heard that Shashi was living in London with his son Karan, who takes good care of him.
Jugal said…
It was awesome! :D I was there! Did you know Shammi Kapoor drove ALL THE WAY from one side of town to another in heavy traffic?! Awesomeness!
eljay said…
What a great picture! Is Shammi in a wheel chair? How does Rekha manage to keep her looks without gaining weight?
visible... said…
Beth where are you..
hope you are fine..
Sanjay Saini said…
Rekha is eternal beauty...Shammi ji is in black suit. But Shashi ji looked not so well. He was on wheel chair at the stage and even did not give acceptance speech but had tears in his eyes.
Richa said…
Beth I watched this last night!! Shashi was all teary eyed on the stage...I felt like jumping into the TV and giving him a HUGE HUG!! Old world certainly has its charm. It truly is gold!
And here's the link to an interesting video I found of Shashi. I've never seen any of his old interview videos so this was such a treat!! Oh that face! Oh those eyelashes!! And oh that mesmerizing way of speaking!! Ahhh!

I hope you and other Shashi paglis revel in it...if you haven't already seen it that is! :)
Christy - Rekha looks GREAT! She does sometimes bring the crazy, it's true - like in Om Shanti Om. I think I want to be Rekha when I grow up. Or now, even.

Shweta - He really has - he looks so frail. :(

memsaab - Right? That's going to be you someday, I just know it. Like, the next time you go to India.

Strawberry - Agreed!

avdi - Ooh I hadn't heard that. I am very behind on anything that could be called "news," though. Maybe I'll find him in London when I am there this summer, then :)

Jugal - The Kapoors are just made of awesome through and through (except for the alcoholism, which they clearly need to get help for). I love how all of them look alike yet not exactly the same. Powerful genes!

eljay - Magic! :)

Sanjay - I heard :( I hope he gets better, whatever it is! I cannot believe he is only a few years older than my dad - he looks even older than Shammi. On the other hand, I was watching Sawaal earlier and am amazed at how Shashi manages to look younger than Randhir. Maybe he used up his life's quota of youthful looks early on? :)

Richa - YAY!!!! Glad you got to see it! I agree, hugs for Shashi are very necessary. Haven't seen the video - thank you for sharing!
Richa - I just watched it. HOLY SMOKES is he beautiful! :) I will save my thoughts on what he actually says for a Shashi Week post and am going to have to listen a few more times. I'm not sure I think he believes what he's saying, for starters...
Richa said…
Haha! Yeah but no matter. I will believe whatever THAT face says :P
I am eagerly awaiting Shashi Week!!
bollyviewer said…

And thats an excellent thought about him having used up all his youthfulness early on - he does look older than his years now! :-(
Jawahara said…
What a great picture. And I love Rekha sitting by their side, looking all shiny and gorgeous.
chutneysoul said…
i looooooove this pic! and yes, i got totally weepy-eyed watching Shashi get the Filfare Lifetime Achievement Award!
MinaiMinai said…
This has inspired me... we should do a series of "Where Are They Now" posts about yesteryear Indian film stars! So fun to see how they've turned out...:)
Unknown said…
great shot! i agree! cheers for sharing :)

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